74th day

Degree: academic transcript will be out by March
Driving license: Mastered everything about driving after 13 lessons. Booked test on 13th April
Current work: Frustrating (Long hours, low pay relative to other project managers and a shouting session with an uncooperative technician…I will skip this shit)

Have just picked up a tuition assignment  in Somerset. I need to ramp up on my income and keep my costs down if I want to leave sg asap. I may be going for banquet waitering over the weekend.

Since my last post, I have also looked up an agent and he presented me a cost list:

For reference, here is a breakdown of the costs:
“…My fee for a full application is SGD 4,000. This is paid in three installments, as follows:
  1. SGD 1,500 – when we start (at this stage you also pay SGD 200 to cover some lawyers costs, courier costs etc)
  2. SGD 1,500 – when the skills assessment is complete.
  3. SGD 1,000 – when the visa application is submitted.
The application fees you would face are:
  • AUD 670 – skills assessment application fee
  • AUD 200-250 – state sponsorship application fee (varies depending on the state).
  • Visa application fee – AUD 3520 plus AUD 1760 to include your wife. 
You will also need to complete medicals (SGD 150) and obtain a certificate of no criminal record, which usually costs SGD 50.
One thing to note is that your wife will need to meet a rather basic English language requirement as a spouse dependent. The easiest way for her to do this would be to score an overall score of at least 4.5 in the IELTS exam. “

My wife and I have been contemplating about the trip to Aussie because it seems like I have a lead time issue – well we want to get out of sg asap and latest by June. And if we were to wait for subclass 189/190, its gonna take quite a while. We looked up other options and I discovered a really attractive one:


One can simply fly there as a tourist and begin applying for an Open Work Permit which allows you to work for any employer. This is really awesome news for the both of us, especially when the Aussie option is so fucking expensive (entire process is easily 8k AUD).  The cost alone is daunting and deterring enough for us. Nonetheless, we will be going to Aussie for a short holiday (5 days?) in April after I get my driving license and then we shall decide if we should go for Canada instead. And my little research tells me to go Vancouver, but I’m actually prepared for anywhere.

Her cousin at Brooklyn New York called her up, offered her place for accommodation and asked us to go over. But I have been reading a lot of US news about murders and rapes…and it seems US isn’t really such a good option.


One thought on “74th day

  1. Why must you go australia or canada?
    There are many other countries out there that hire degree holders.
    They may not pay you HIGH salary, but the good salary given vs the lower costs of living will allow you to lead a better life out there.

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