Dear Lee Hsien Loong, I am ashamed to have you as Prime Minister

Dear Lee Hsien Loong


When you published this photo on Facebook, I thought you were yet making another distasteful joke about smoking and pork soup about China. Nope, this is worse. It is already very unfortunate that the little girl lost her fingers in the freak accident, you have to gather her entire family and pose in front of the cameraman whom you brought along. How different are you from Lee Bee Wah in this photo [Source]?

Ok never mind the photo. So you are paid $2.2 million a year. Didn’t you just receive your year-end bonus? How much is that? How much money is sitting inside your bank account and given your position,  how have you helped Li Xuan? She is only 14, she lives in a HDB, her father is working as a hawker selling sugar cane juice for a living and she did not have insurance payout.

Have you got no sympathy? Where is the caring and compassionate society you so proudly laid credit for a few months ago [Source]? You told her a crap story about a US war veteran, how does that relate to her circumstances aside from a broken arm? You might as well tell her stories about Stephen Hawking, Christopher Reeve or about yourself surpassing every Singaporean elite to become Singapore’s only qualified Prime Minister. What she needs most today is financial help. You are generous enough to offer $36 million every year to at least 2000 foreign students, yet you never once entertain the thought of helping the Singaporean girl lying on the bed in front of you.

It is shameful to have you as the Prime Minister, period.

Next, I will go on to a recent hotly-debated national issues. Transport fares is going up when breakdowns and overcrowding are still happening. When workers like me need a higher salary, you tell us to be more productive and salaries will rise in tandem. However when it comes to SBS and SMRT, they can continue to be incompetent and worsen their services yet you can allow the fare hike to happen. This is gross injustice that private companies are legislated by law to earn “a living profit” while low income Singaporeans like me are not mandated to earn “a living wage”. Are you voted in by Singaporeans or Private Limiteds?

This year marked the 10th year you are Prime Minister. It is evident you have no concern for Singaporeans, our standard of living is never your priority. To you, we are just economic tools – we can see how those old and broken tools sell tissue paper or literally beg on the streets for a living. You disgust me every day knowing what you earn in half a day is what Singaporeans get at the end of the month.

Please resign.

A cheated Singaporean
Alex Tan


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