PAP supporters are the real assholes

The PAP has worsen the people’s livelihood and poised to make life harder in the years to come before GE2016. But there can only be so much blame to be placed on an incompetent and out of touch government who have paid themselves too much. The ones who are more responsible than the PAP are no doubt those who put them in power. The naive ignoramous ones take in the lies, the half-truths and the threats, while the evil ones either profit from the status quo or have their monthly check issued directly from the PAP government. Yet all of them are equally guilty for the path of destruction Singapore has undertaken because of their electoral choice, whether misinformed or outright ill-intended.

Objectively, the indirect impact to the entire Singaporean population caused by their support of the PAP:

-Transport fare hike coming in January 2014 [Source]
-COE prices affordable to only rich foreigners [Source], LTA omit statistics on nationality of car owners
-Housing loan continues to stay above 25 years [Source] with retirees having to pay outstanding loan only in cash
-55% of Singaporeans do not meet Minimum Sum upon retirement [Source]
-28% Singaporean living in poverty and increasing [Source]
-Number of S-pass holders foreigners increased [Source]
-Singapore salaries accounting for inflation continue to stagnate [Source]

-Prosecution by the Attorney General Chambers against blogger Alex Au [Source]
-Prosecution by the Attorney General Chambers against hacker “The Messiah” [Source]
-Threat of defamation suit by the Council of Private Education against student Han Hui Hui [Source]
-Lawyer’s letter of demand by Minister Tan Chuan Jin to opposition member Vincent Wijeysingha [Source]
-Enactment of Internet Regulations by Media Development Authority [Source]

-Number of foreigners increased, on track to 6.9 million population [Source]
-Worsening overcrowding in public transport [Source]
-More breakdowns in public transport despite appointing former army chief as CEO of SMRT [Source]
-Higher unemployment rate in Singapore [Source]
-More than half of all Singaporeans want to emigrate out of Singapore [Source]
-Most unhappy people in the world [Source]
-Healthcare spending almost non-existent in Singapore [Source]
-$36 million worth of scholarships given to only foreigners [Source]
-Insufficient subsidised local university places for Singaporeans [Source]

The list can go further if not for the state of the controlled media and controlled statistical department withholding relevant details (i.e. HDB construction costs) or obfuscating key statistical terms like “resident population”. In fact, the above mentioned problems are just superficial and the tip of an iceberg. The real problems goes way below into the depth of the CPF structure, the amount of national reserves and the relationships between the country leaders, corporations, civil service and the entire inherent system. To sum these up we Singaporeans are in the juncture of a matrix, where the PAP leaders have no idea where we are, what they are doing and how to resolve today’s issues so we can all be on the path of progress. Singapore could have at least being decent without the lost years and screw-ups under the present PAP leadership.

Very unfortunately, there are people within Singaporeans who enjoy the chaos. Many of them are even happily making profit from the slew of cheap labor and savings made on Singaporean salaries. These are social parasites with vested interests and they vote not for the better of the country, but for the better of their own bank accounts. They do not care if the income gap is widen, nor do they care if our elderly are begging on the streets. They provide no value and progress to the existing system because all they do is to spout nonsense like “be contented with what you have”. They diss at critics of the PAP telling them “emigrate if you are not happy”. They go on every media platform and call themselves the “silent majority”, and they always get angry and personal when they lose a debate with a rational.

Their profile range from foreigners who are permanent residents and new citizens, to employers and civil servants. They subscribe to the doctrine that they are the loyal subjects of the PAP political party, not the Singapore nation. They are ready to dilute your national identity so long it is align with the PAP stance. I have no doubt these are the very ones who will sell out the country if the PAP tells them to. These are the vermins Singaporeans should work against. There is never a political division in Singapore, but a national division. The only one line dividing the people is the care and concern for the country.


What do you think?

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