Nicole Seah should sue SPH then donate the compensation to help the poor


How often do you see the Singapore Press Holdings apologizing unreservedly to an Opposition member? Never, and in fact this is the first time in history Singapore’s 149th ranking only press media company apologize. From a strategic point of view, Nicole Seah should not be soften by SPH’s offer to settle the matter through a simple apology.

Nicole Seah should capitalize on this. Sue SPH in an open court, and donate the compensation to help the poor in Macpherson constituency.

Singaporeans are prepared for 2016 but it is clever and honest politicians we need to turn the country around. Crying on public TV (done by LKY and LHL) and taking photos of yourself with babies, children, old people and even rubbish is so yesteryear.


Singaporeans need MPs who are able to debate, strategize and the guts to push limits in Parliament. What we have in Parliament today is so mild, boring and criminally-silent, with the PAP clearly dominating the floor of course, it makes me lose faith in the future. I do not think Singapore is ever going to change with politicians who are only interested in gaining popularity. My idea of a good politician is one who is unafraid to challenge boundaries like Obama. I have been watching US politics ever since Obama got sworn in 2009, he is one politician every country wish to have. Such astute choice of speech and clarity of direction, I hope Singapore has such a leader one day.


What do you think?

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