Reducing Singapore’s population

From train breakdowns to expensive cost of living, overpopulation in Singapore has caused a myriad of problems that has contributed largely to a tank in standard of living for citizens born and bred here. In the recent years, the PAP government reacted to alleviate the impact of the foreigner influx by introducing patch policies like the Fair Hiring Framework, increase in property levies and the Progressive Wage Model. They have also tried to ramp up on housing and the public transport infrastructure so they can appease the angry people. These patch policies and knee-jerk reactions however do not solve the real underlying problems of overcrowding. ¬†Reducing the population is Singapore’s only solution left to savage the country from an imminent social and economical destruction.

Before you see the solution, we must first understand the real reasons why did the foreigners come to Singapore in the first place. Being safe and multi-racial are some of the very superficial reasons why they chose Singapore, here are the in-depth analysis of what Singapore possess that attracts foreigners from different income gap:

Type of foreigners Reasons for coming to Singapore
Rich Foreigners
1) Income above $120K or,
2) Net worth above 1 million
a) Income tax for those earning above $120K is just between 15~20%,
this is much lower than what first world countries like Australia and US
would charge

b) Singapore abolished estate duty, aka inheritance tax

c) Singapore do not have capital gains tax

d) Singapore technically do not have dividends tax*

e) Free to purchase any Singapore private property

Middle Class and
Poor Foreigners
1) S pass, E pass and
Work Permit holders
2) Foreign students
a) Most of them pay little or no tax

b) Lax immigration policies: No English Test required,
No Skills required,
No Qualifications required
Accredited qualifications not required

c) Strong SGD exchange

d) Easy to find employment

e) Easy to secure employment passes

f) Easy to by-pass MOM law by paying employer in cash in exchange
for employment

g) Foreign population in Singapore is large enough to form a small
community, there is no need for integration with Singaporeans

Permanent Residents and
New Citizens
a) No need to serve National Service

b) Easy to get PR if you are Chinese

c) Enjoy full citizenship benefits like BTO flat subsidies and voting rights

d) Sg citizenship is a good springboard to Australia, Canada and US

e) Reduced CPF contribution for first and second year PRs

f) Option to withdraw CPF in full for PRs

As such, the solution for reversing Singapore’s population is to found in the following fish bone diagram:

Reducing Singapore population


By Alex Tan


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