Time to privatize SMRT


They have the market monopoly, they have benefited from a $1.1 billion government handout and they are already raking in hundreds of millions of profits. But that is not stopping the greedy corporation from wanting a fare raise.

So what justified the fare raise? Have SMRT provided better services like how the PAP will only encourage a salary raise for workers provided productivity increase? Nope, the services have worsen. There are more train breakdowns than ever before and the overcrowding problem has worsen. The photo below was taken yesterday 6pm at City Hall station:



The queue was so long that it stretched from one platform to another. What is more absurd is having to wait for 5 trains or 20 minutes, for me to finally board a fully packed train.

Such insanity.

It is really unbearable to live in Singapore with so many people. I applaud the PAP’s guts to call for a 6.9 million population, it seems that they are deliberately screwing themselves up so they can be voted out of power. But let’s just leave the usual rambling for a new government another day.

Let’s lay the facts on the table:

1) SMRT is inefficient in operations i.e. breakdowns
2) SMRT does not provide value to the public because they earn a premium off every ticket
3) SMRT is a monopoly

The above 3 facts showed that SMRT does not need a new management, given that it has already gone through 3 CEOs. The latest CEO, former army chief Desmond Kuek, made a lot of promises about fixing the breakdowns. But all he have achieved so far is to turn SMRT into an army camp by bringing former regulars into the train trade, and nothing else really change. There is no point firing Desmond Kuek because the new management is going to be the same.

Singaporeans should not be charged higher fares just because they are not earning enough profits. Corporate greed is immoral but legal. We need a complete overhaul of the train system to make it productive and value-for-money for the people, and we should be looking at nationalization of the train system.

Singapore’s train system was formerly nationalized and it worked for the period 1987 to 2000. There is no proof to show that the nationalized train system named MRT then was corrupted or inefficient. In fact if we compare the present with the past, a lot Singaporeans will agree that train services were a lot better when it was nationalized.

It is time the PAP stop looking at the profits SMRT can bring in for Temasek Holdings and start looking at the dismay performance of SMRT. Such incompetence is embarrassing for a self-proclaimed first world country.


What do you think?

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