Medifund applications jumped by at least 45% over 5 years


The number of Medifund approvals have jumped by 45% over the past 5 years for the financial year period FY2007 to FY 2011. As the number of people seeking Medifund’s help were not revealed by the state media, the number of applicants should be higher than that of 45% given how infamously stingy PAP is as an anti-welfare government.

The PAP government have on several platforms consistently stated their disdain of giving anything free to the people. Just recently, The Real Singapore received a letter from a 69 year old elderly who have to skip a $77  vaccination jab recommended by her doctor [Source] because she couldn’t afford it. Stories of the elderly and poor who have skipped medical attention go unreported by the state media. In June 2013, an unemployed mother murdered her son who was diagnosed with severe liver problems [Source]. Elderly Singaporeans are also often seen collecting tin cans and cardboards for a living in the GDP-first nation state, which is ironically praised for having the world’s highest GDP per capita in the world.

In his recent National Day rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made grandiose plans about having a new airport terminal and a $1 billion garden right next to the new airport. This is after spending $1 billion on Garden by the Bay with a princely $50 million yearly maintenance fee. Minister Chan Chun Sing, a widely speculated candidate to take over the Prime Minister, even stated proudly that there is no need for a poverty line in Singapore. Setting a poverty line, he claimed, will have more truly needy people falling through the cracks.

It is hence evident that the PAP has become a leadership with misplaced priorities. The new administration have been paid too much and divorce themselves from the real Singapore. Unfortunately, a good 60% of the population along with the yearly 20,000 new citizens intake do not think so. They are comfortable with the status quo and are quick to telling people who disagree with the PAP to emigrate. It turns out all problems from increasing Medifund applicants to overcrowding, are endorsed and indirectly caused by these selfish Singaporeans. Singapore can never improve with narrow minded and self serving individuals like them.

Alex Tan Zhixiang


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