If I were the Prime Minister

1) Retirement, poverty and low purchasing power

1.1) Abolish CPF and implement a pension state for all citizens. The mandatory pension fund will be publicly announced and published with an annual report stating the allocation of the fund. The payout will be on a sustainable self-funding basis funded on not less than 15% of our national GDP, which is estimated to be about at least $5 billion a year. This should work along with a new tax regime and an austerity measure to cut down on defence spending(which is currently standing at 24.4% of GDP).

1.2) The Medisave/Medishield system will be replaced with a new nationalized insurance system. It will be a compulsory one-payer system that covers comprehensively from the common flu to limbs implants. Funding of the new healthcare system will come from at least 5% of the national GDP and the total contribution fund of the healthcare tax.

1.3) A Minimum Wage based on a formula with considerations of inflation, cost of living and amount of the social security fund will be implemented for both Singaporean and foreign employees. To further arrest the income gap problem, income tax should be changed constructively.

1.4) Income tax will be progressive based on a percentile structure. The bottom 10% income earners will be excused from paying income tax. The next 10% income bracket will pay taxes progressively. GST will be abolished and will be covered by the increase in income tax. A new security income tax will be imposed on all non-NS serving citizens. Bring back estate duty, capital gains tax and dividend tax.

2) Reducing the population of foreigners in Singapore

The influx of rich foreigners has resulted in speculation in property prices and driven domestic demand for private car ownership so high, that it makes car ownership impossible for the middle class Singaporeans. The poorer foreigners in Singapore cause wages depression, increase in domestic prices and severe social integration problems.

2.1) All HDB flats, both BTO and resale, will be nationalized under the administration of the HDB. As such, transactions can only take place between HDB and the seller/owner. This will eliminate COV and unrealistic property valuation prices.

2.2) Qualification for Permanent Residence will reassessed, with at least a minimum English standard obtained via IELTS or other equivalent and internationally-recognized English examinations. A new point system to assess the work relevance and experience required of the country.

2.3) Remove the racial quota and base immigration on the migrant point system

3) Complete overhaul of the employment system and the cheap labor culture

3.1) Abolish NTUC and allow the setting up of independent unions, that will be funded for by the government. Unions will be the sole medium between employers, the government and employees.

3.2) Allow peaceful protests and mass demonstrations.

3.3) Implement Minimum Wage (see 1.3) and Minimum Remunerations of at least 21 annual leaves, standard parental leaves for fathers, mothers and single parents, and substantial medical healthcare benefits.

3.4) Set up a nationalized job portal and every employer must provide sufficient evidence of their due diligence that they are unable to find a Singaporean for the job.

3.5) All salaries must be approved and endorsed by a unionist.

4) Social benefit

4.1) Free education up to A-level/Nitec/Diploma for all Singaporeans, regardless of age.

4.2) Increase in the number of nationalized universities and ensure that no eligible Singaporean student who applied be denied a tertiary education.

4.3) Remove the ASEAN scholarship and deny all government-funded scholarships for foreign students.

4.4) Imposed similar enrolment standards, A-level or Diploma, for foreign students.

4.5) Regulate all private education institutions and assign an MOE education audit officer to ensure teaching standards.

5) Abolish National Service, implement a full time professional army

5.1) Limit the Defence Budget by no more than 3% of the GDP

5.2) Allow recruitment of foreign nationals in the professional army, subject to recruitment standards

6) Economic restructuring

6.1) Shut down MBS and RWS casinos

6.2) High tech manufacturing and quality services to be new twin engines of growth

6.3) Eradicate cheap labor by implementing Minimum Wage

6.4) Fund education, internship and RnD

6.5) Nationalize SBS and SMRT and all public transport under the Land Transport Authority

6.6) Allow taxi drivers to buy their own cars. Nationalize taxi fares. Abolish daily mileage quota

7) Political Reform

7.1) Remove the control of Election Department from the Prime Minister

7.2) Abolishment of GRC system, cooling off day and electoral deposit

7.3) Limit the amount of spending on political campaigning

7.4) Remove the President post. All decisions will be made by the Prime Minister

7.5) Remove the Newspaper Act, Internal Security Act and the Internal Security Department

7.6) Deny all defamation suits from political party members, statutory board and any organization or person drawing a taxpayers’ salary/funding

7.7) Remove Mentor Minister, Emeritus Senior Minister and Minister of States posts

7.8) 10 MPs will have the right to call for a National Referendum

7.9) Remove NMPs and NCMPs


What do you think?

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