Banning Hijab: Is the PAP anti-muslim?


Name any safety-hazardous activity, be it driving a motorcycle, or becoming a police officer. The Sikhs are allowed to keep their turbans. Heck, even the foreigners Gurkhas get to keep their Gurkha hat. So clearly, this is not a safety issue.

Not for Muslim hijab. Why? Here’s how the PAP explains why not:

“Allowing hijab problematic for some jobs”
~ Minister of anti-Muslim Muslim Affairs, Yaacob Ibrahim. “

“Government has the responsibility to balance all these different community requirements, and keep in mind what we need to maintain overall social harmony”
~ Deputy Prime Minister, Teo Chee Hean.

The keen eye could see Yaacob is here using a typical fallacious reasoning. Singaporean Muslims are not asking for hijab in “all” industry, they are merely asking for their right to don a hijab in jobs or work that do not find wearing a headscarf problematic. Wearing a hijab is akin to  wearing a christian cross necklace, a buddhist pendant or a turban. The issue should have stuck to about wearing religious jewelries or headgear, and not specifically singling out the Hijab for regulation. But no, it turns out to be a case of double standards and a part of the many unfair treatment and practices the PAP policies incorporated in Singapore society.

Muslim countries have no problem with Hijab or praying 5 times a day. My colleague is a devout Muslim who prays a lot and me, being an atheist, sitting right next to him, have no issue at all. My boss is a non-muslim and he gives his Muslim employees the liberty to pray. In fact, most non-Muslim Singaporeans have no problems with Muslims at all. Zilch! Hold a national referendum on this Hijab issue today, I can safely guarantee Singaporeans will vote to allow Muslims have their Hijab any day.

Singaporeans of different beliefs have lived together long enough and matured as a society, there isn’t any Muslim “affairs” we the people are so particular about. However it is not the same for the PAP government. We all know the Muslim treatment when it comes to National Service. It is abhorrent and certainly not Meritocratic that Singaporean Muslims are not allowed in the Navy or Air Force. The Internal Security Department should rightfully haul the entire SAF up for sedition. In fact, we have a lot more problems dealing with the PRCs, filipinos and other foreigners. Why don’t the PAP ban foreigners from speaking in foreign languages that certainly cause more social disharmony than ladies wearing headscarfs?

The logical and politically correct thing PAP should do is simply to say yes the same way they say yes to Sikhs having their turbans. It would be equal and justified and I don’t think there are going to be any assholes complaining against it. At first, it confounds me…their arguments are weak, their puppet Minister is unconvincing, the people supports this movement, there is not a single person who dare proclaim his life will be drastically affected by some ladies wearing headscarfs…In Chinese we call it 天时,地利,人和(opportunely, geographically and people aligned)…

…then I thought deeper why is the PAP so particular and not giving in an inch:

Is the PAP anti-Muslim?


What do you think?

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