PAP must reflect why are Singaporeans cheering the hacks

When some anonymous hackers paralyzed Singapore websites today, Singaporeans are not sensing a fear of what to come. It may be a direct cyber attack to the PAP government, yet Singaporeans are cheering. So loud it almost felt like National Day. For the first time in history, the PAP government is under the attacks of international anonymous hackers under a decentralized collective entity called Anonymous. It is technically inaccurate to call Anonymous a group because it has no leaders, organizational structure and anyone can simply perform a stunt like today and sign off “Anonymous” – so long it answers the people’s prayers.

And hell yeah did the international hackers hear Singaporeans’ prayers!

It was a sad day for PAP. Despite having so many SAF generals at helm, they did not know what to do. They attempted a SAF-style cover up, calling the series of DDOS attacks “planned maintenance”. But it is just painfully obvious. This is actually a repeat scene in V for Vendetta when V blew up the Parliament’s building and the state-controlled media actually called it a “planned demolition”(how convenient).

1393050_657412880970549_916910329_n“Planned maintenance” yeah right

Anybody with half a brain should be asking the following simple questions:
1) why did the “planned maintenance” become national news?
2) why is the “planned maintenance” carried out on a Public Holiday(Deepavali)…and on a Sunday…daytime?
3) why is the “planned maintenance” carried out simultaneously across all 19 sites?
4) why is the “planned maintenance” not told beforehand?
5) why is there no deadline given to the “planned maintenance”?

As of now, the sites are still down. Singaporeans are cheering online but there is not a word of it on the TV and hardcopy newspapers, as expected of course to contain the problem online and not spread to the offline citizens. While the PAP is wondering why did the Anonymous hackers target them, how can they prevent further hacks, who is The Messiah, how will they catch the perpetrators…perhaps the most important question PAP should be asking themselves why are Singaporeans helping these outsiders to jeer and boo their own government. Shouldn’t Singaporeans be upset?

Of course not. We want the PAP voted out of power. All these necessary inconvenience are vital to the process of Change. The ball is currently in the PAP’s court now. The state media have resorted to denial and threats (state-controlled media The New Paper reported that an anonymous lawyer advised that the hackers could be punishable by DEATH, and The New Paper deputy editor Melvyn Singh is asking Singaporeans to “whack those who hacks”), instead of negotiating with the anonymous hacker, The Messiah, who have offered his email address in the last hack on Straits Times. None of the million dollar salaried Ministers has responded, not even the effeminate Prime Minister himself. Does not responding means there is no problem? How will this episode end out?

Elections is still 2 years away. It will be timely if the anonymous hackers could embarrass the PAP government in the campaigning period. Meanwhile, it is a breathe of relief and entertainment seeing how our authoritarian PAP government would handle these pesky hackers. If we would be given a happiness survey today, we are probably the happiest nation in the world now.

What happened for the past few weeks of hacks is just cosmetic. What we really need of international hackers today is evidence of corruption that will bring a complete collapse of faith in the PAP. This is the big fish if we are advocating a better Singapore. Root out corruption and malpractices.


4 thoughts on “PAP must reflect why are Singaporeans cheering the hacks

  1. These sites weren’t hacked. Either DDOS or were under maintenance.

    Additionally, if you try to go to instead of , is always not accessible. People forget that all the websites actually are one domain…all come from The magical ” www “.

    Hacker will leave his signature behind at the websites if they were indeed hacked. May be a “Hacked by Messiah”.

  2. That is a sweeping statement you are making. It is not true that everyone is cheering them on. Seriously. Please develop some higher order thinking before you post ignorantly. By observation, it appears that most people who support the acts on my facebook, are those with a lack of critical thinking skills and reasoning like you.

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