Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous and the Messiah

In representative of all Singaporeans, we welcome you with a virtual red carpet. Thank you for speaking up and acting for Singaporeans. Thank you for standing in solidarity with us Singaporeans who are suffering under the utter incompetent and inept governance of the PAP government.

For the first time, the PAP is scared. It has been more than 24 hours since your grand announcement and yet all the PAP could muster is just a few police reports and zero leads. The hack you did with Straits Times is brilliant, right just when they started belittling you with misrepresenting propaganda news using 3rd rate reporters. Many of us Singaporeans are inspired by your selfless act of dissent because you have done what a Singaporean will never achieve. Pardon us, but we are all living in fear. The climate of fear here is very real and unspoken. Even as a regular contributor to the anonymous news site The Real Singapore, it keeps me worrying all the time.

1453514_656701104375060_1953181052_nA great day it was for us Singaporeans indeed


The PAP have screwed up literally in all areas, and yet they are not responsible enough to take ownership of their mistakes. When there is a widening income gap, they give excuses. When the standard of living is lower and there are more poor, they propagandize. When there is a housing shortage and severe overcrowding issues, they pretend the problem is a perspective one. When inflation rate outpaced savings’ interest rate and there is a fall in GDP, they blame the global climate. When there are other matters like flooding, corruption cases and controversial matters like Dinesh’s death, they keep quiet. Ignoring Singaporeans is bad, they worsen it by bulldozing policies like a 6.9 million population target. This is a hallmark of an arrogant government who never once listen to the people.

We have grown desperate by now because the number of new citizens imported by the PAP is so fast that we are unsure if we true blue Singaporeans who truly care for Singapore will be able to vote the PAP out by next election. We want change but we are powerless because of the gerrymandering effort like “cooling off day” and GRC system. The link between the PAP, Civil Service, the controlled NTUC union, the controlled statutory boards, the controlled media and the government-linked companies like Temasek Holdings is not easily broken. Democracy is still a long way to go even when the PAP is removed of political dominance. Nonetheless it doesn’t mean we stop dreaming and working towards a better Singapore.

Keep up the good work.

Encrypted message:

6d 61 6a 75 6c 61 68 20 73 69 6e 67 61 70 75 72 61

*By the way, the encrypted message by the messiah is not Caesar Shift. The reader who “exposed” it actually fell for a bug in the site Try pressing “Caesar Shift Puzzle” button without typing anything to get what I mean

Thank you
Alex Tan



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