Sustainable Singapore Blueprint?

Sustainable Singapore Blueprint? Sounds like another fancy feedback-down-the-longgang exercise to me. The PAP is here again pretending to listen to the people. The last thing we need is just another inefficient feedback session that produces no tangible results. Our Singapore Conversations started about 2 years ago, till today, we have not seen any policies that have been positively changed as a result of the convo.

We are anywhere but sustainable today. The problem lies not with the solutions, but with the lack of political will of the present PAP.

This lack of political will is the very reason why so many Singaporeans are supporting for the Opposition because the PAP do not see any incentive to listen to Singaporeans.

Singapore is a small country with relatively small problems. If but not all issues are solely domestic, I don’t see why the PAP is taking so long to solve them.

Initially, I gave the PAP some leeway and thought that they have been asking the wrong people. Just look at those feedback sessions, majority of the attendants are PAP grassroots members or people who depends on the PAP for a living. In other open feedback sessions, the PAP approach heartland residents. But there is one group they totally avoid – critics, or people like me who have statistics and can debate point to point with a PAP Minister. It appears the PAP is getting feedback from the wrong groups after all.

Then I thought, that the PAP may lack consultants the likes of Albert Winsemius. Then I realize there are a lot of talents in Singapore who knows how to move the country forward – they are all over the internet. The problem lies not with the lack of local talents and leaders, the problem lies with the leadership – the Prime Minister to be exact.

The leading management are not responsible enough to even acknowledge the presence of a problem. It is always been after much hoo hah by Singaporeans do the leader start “gaining awareness”. Given such wide grassroots and network you have, the system is not too slow and inefficient – the Leader is.

PM Lee must step down, as well as the rest of the Cabinet. The Ministers should all be fired and step aside for new leaders.



What do you think?

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