PAP doesn’t appreciate having the most hardworking people in the world


What do the PAP think of Singaporeans being the most hardworking people in the world? Dafts who require sticks in their hide? It is amazing how reality have already crowned Singaporeans as the most hard striving lot in the world and yet we play second fiddle to foreigners from China, India and Philippines right in our very own land.

toefl-scores1Singaporeans come in first in English as compared to other Asians [Source], yet the PAP treats us like dirt.

It is no surprise that every year more than 10,000 Singaporeans leave Singapore to reside in other countries. Today, more than 200,000 Singaporeans are residing overseas [Source] and more are ex-Singaporeans. Most of them who emigrate are considered eligible migrants meaning to say they have fulfilled at least the 3 following attributes:

1) Competent English
2) Skilled migrant
3) Bachelor degree

Losing these Singaporeans to other countries is a brain drain and simply worsens the ageing population as they give babies elsewhere. The most common reason why they are settling overseas is being purely financial. This will get some heads scratching, especially for this particular group who are living in poverty and yet don’t feel so. This group of poor I am specifically referring to are the ones who can afford the creature comforts – they have no problem buying the latest iPhone fad or set aside a tidy sum for an annual vacation. They are classified as poor largely because of a very weak or non-existent social safety net. Most of them wouldn’t get to retire and their lifestyle can only be maintained for as long as they are still able to work. Give them an accident that makes them disabled, or the unavoidable ageing process which leads to retrenchment, the moment they become economically nonviable, they know their life ended there and then.

These new poor know fully the entrapment they are in. The signs are all over the place. Elderly Singaporean working menial jobs with no minimum wage, disabled people making snack bars of their wheelchairs, and the absolute poor living in rental flats. They know they couldn’t afford a child, or for the worse off, a wedding or even a date. The social cost of weak purchasing power is adverse and pretty much summed up by the low birth rate. Like their forefathers, they work very hard for very long hours. But unlike their forefathers’ times, today’s employment climate is one that have easy access to cheap foreign labor, working hard is only a basic requisite to getting a wage; they will need qualification, talent, network and even loss of integrity [Source] for some to get rich. They cheat themselves into believing that progress has been made because of the new monumental buildings built everyday everywhere, but the unfortunate fact is that they are walking the same path on the same system that calls itself a Meritocracy and yet punishes the hardworking so badly.

The relentless call for an increase in population without listening is apparent that the PAP doesn’t appreciate these Singaporeans. But like an abused spouse, many still believe in the candy-coated words of the wife beater. Statistics and anecdotally, Singaporeans have been abused, but many are telling themselves otherwise. I have only pity and love for Singaporeans, but I won’t join them failing themselves.

Emigration is my response to the PAP.


What do you think?

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