How I wish I was never born a Singaporean

Every time I look at the foreigners working here in Singapore and see their standard of English in emails and spoken, I feel cheated. These so-called degree holders couldn’t even string together a decent legible sentence and yet they can become managers, accountants, engineers and professionals in Singapore. In what way are they talents? Their only advantage over a Singaporean is their willingness to be exploited. No pay raise, no bonus, cheaper salaries, no employee benefits, no problem! These foreigners are so hungry they can take slavery any day. The Ministry of Manpower and NTUC are useless. They do not enact stringent employment regulations to prevent such exploitation and slavery taking place in Singapore. There are good reasons why I always call the PAP immoral, like employers, they are only looking at their own pockets. They do not care if their employees are struggling for a living so long the job is done. They do not care about their employees’ career paths so long the job is done. And so long the job is done, they do not give a flying damn about anyone, Singaporean and foreigner. Such exploitative culture, we are just like America in the 1950s accepting slavery as a normal.

And the rot is not only in employment, it is happening to our education sector as well. Foreign students in NUS and NTU have to take English foundation courses because they couldn’t even get a C6 for English O levels, how the hell did they get accepted in the first place? Such discrimination against a Singaporean student who have to clear their English exam. And today’s news about the discrimination of Singaporean workers by the Swiss restaurant La Fondue made me wish I was never born a Singaporean. We are not even asking for advantages, we are just asking to compete on an equal footing.

Some of my friends tell me I will be treated like a second class citizen in Australia, I told them never mind. Australia did not force me to serve NS, and since I am already a second class citizen in my home country, it makes no difference. The push factors from PAP is very strong, they made the Singaporean citizenship a disgrace and a laughing stock to foreigners who are smiling gleefully enjoying citizenship benefits without having made to serve NS. We Singaporeans are sold out by the PAP and they don’t know your value until you leave the country and make it big overseas. Do you know how much they spend on overseas Singaporeans in those “Singapore Day” parties? It is about a few hundred to a thousand per head count, fully paid for by the PAP Government. What a sell out!


2 thoughts on “How I wish I was never born a Singaporean

  1. Alex
    I feel the same how frustrating even though I live in overseas. I am a true born NS Sporean. We lost our identity…..serving NS for what? Singaporeans wake up before too late.

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