PAP Supporter: Miss Tin Pei Ling your poetry sucks


~ PAP MP Tin Pei Ling’s poetry

The above poetry was posted by PAP MP Tin Pei Ling on her Facebook page during the Chinese Mooncake Festival earlier last month. Unfortunately, Tin Pei Ling’s attempt to sound smart was shot down by a commentator, Miss Li Min See, who is well-versed in Chinese poetry. Miss Li criticized the PAP MP’s poetry as boorish and amateurish. She explained that writing the Chinese poetry will require a certain structure and mixture to be legible and meaningful. Miss Li also said Tin Pei Ling’s poetry is sub-standard and an insult to the Chinese culture, and she cannot believe this is coming from a PAP MP.

~ PAP Supporter, Miss Li Min See, explaining her dilemma

Miss Li also explained that her family and herself voted the PAP out of gratitude, but the PAP is banking too much on its good will and political capital. She said she is frustrated with overcrowding in the public transport, and the lack of retirement and care for the elderly Singaporeans who built Singapore in the 60s/70s. She said she still voted the PAP, out of appreciation for what the PAP old guards have done.

~ PAP Supporter, Miss Li, quoting Confucius

Quoting a great Chinese philosopher Confucius, Miss Li emphasized the importance of a person’s behavior and the way one conduct herself in handling matters, important or trivial. She said Tin Pei Ling’s writing reflects very badly of her MP status because she is insincere handling a trivial matter like this. How could Tin Pei Ling take on important roles when she cannot handle small matters well?

Miss Li also criticized the entire PAP Youth Wing and Tin Pei Ling’s reply as sub-standard. She asked how much political capital does the PAP have left with qualities like Tin Pei Ling forming the new generation of the PAP. Ending her comment with another Chinese saying, she said Lee Kuan Yew worked hard to attain where he is today and hope that Tin Pei Ling can draw inspiration from him and follow suit.


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