PAP MP Lee Bee Wah: License bicycles

stupidMPStupidity knows no bounds

License cyclists. That is what the PAP MP said. So every old people and toddler owning a bicycle will require a license to ride one? Is the COE not making enough money, which is why the PAP need to collect a fee for issuing licenses to bicycles? This stupid MP is simply amazing, she has a very good record of self pawn. I don’t know how she got into Parliament, but something is telling me those who voted for her are worse. I remember doing up a meme for her last year:

wayangKio rubbish also want to wayang…

This year I got something new for her:

COE for bikes

In the past, I used to think the PAP is ok and the stupid ones are just a handful like Lim Swee Say, Lim Wee Kiak. Josephine Teo, Vivian Balakrishnan, Grace Fu, Lee Bee Wah, Mah Bow Tan and Lui Tuck Yew. I thought PAP would be better removing these shameful ones. Well the logic goes like there are 77 of them and not all are stupid. But with each passing day inching towards GE2016, all the PAP MPs start self stabbing themselves with atrocious claims and retarded statements. This really reflect very badly on PAP voters.

I have since turned my attention on the PAP voters recently, I have spoken to many of them and it turned out they are just very ignorant. There are senior managers and directors whom I spoke to, they would often want to find out why am I so anti-PAP. Perhaps its because they have seen the way I work; I am the kind of worker with a get-it-done motto, and they like to hear my input. Most of these conversations ended up with them agreeing with the things I’ve said and they tend to get enlightened in a way. They are very open saying their job is on the government line and it is their pocket they are more worried about which is why they continue voting the PAP. So rich these people are yet so fearful. I don’t have a-hundredth or a-thousandth of their wealth, but I must make sure that I will not be like them when I become rich in the future.


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