-186th day: Read, read and read

The type of visas available is really confusing and I am still actively reading since yesterday. I have searched up useful sites like nix’s but it is still freaking confusing. Nonetheless, I will just document what I have done for now.

The Australia immigration site have a very useful wizard that helps you to decide which visa to apply from. After filling in my requirements, I was recommended skilled-independent subclass 189 or skilled-nominated subclass 190.

visasWah piang…so many type of visas…

Basically in order to qualify these are the stuff I’ve prepared or am preparing:

1) a Washington Accord accredited degree for engineers
2) the application for accreditation is here, cost about AUD310 or about SGD$365.48
3) IELTS band 6 and above, application through the British Council, cost about SGD$320
4) State sponsorship if you are in the state’s nomination list, and AUD20 000 to show…I have 85 points already, I think I will skip its 5 points…don’t think I can save up to AUD20K by April

I am still waiting for my degree to be completed by January…shucks…I still have to wait a few more months to get that paper before I can file for accredition. I figure I will take a local driving license here since I will not know if I have the luxury of time and resources to take a license there. I have always avoided taking a driving license in Singapore because of the high cost here. Going to the driving school for lessons can easily cost you up to $3K, even going for private lessons will cost you at least $2K. Like all things in Singapore, it is madness.

madnessPrices for everything essential is madness in Singapore


And in the meantime…I am preparing my resume to send out to companies in my industry. I have just gotten my certified technology specialist certification from Infocomm. Hope that helps…otherwise I will be really flipping burgers there.

I have exact 6 months from my one-way ticket…counting down 186 days…


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