-185th day: Hear, hear and hear

Thanks to a Singaporean in Brisbane, I have finally sorted out everything that I need for and have a mental route map how things should work out in Aussie. Here are a few things he shared with me:

1) Canberra state offers state sponsorship, and getting nominated can actually help a lot in the processing time

2) His migration agent charged him about $4K AUD. Sounds reasonable to me, but the adventurous me is going to DIY hahah

3) He advised me to get the police clearance fast as they have the right to drag the process. You can download from here. Cost $45 plus travel expense as you have to be there personally.

We had a long chat about other great stuffs…ah seems like I will really like Brisbane lol. I long wanted to pick up fishing, heard a lot about it from my student(yes I’m teaching part time tuition) who is quite an avid fishing guru. Seems like Brisbane have a lot of wildlife for me to do my fishing hahahah.

Oh I read Kristen Han’s bashing of my protest speech. Oh well I have this reply for her:

reply to kristen

I would like to do a barbarella thanks to those who defended me, you know I’m not xenophobic.


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