October 5th Population Protest

Didn’t really prepare for the speech because of school and work. The TRS chief editor wrote a 4 page long article for me, which I felt was to lengthy, serious and loh soh. So i rewrote something short, concise and funny.

The turnout was bad, probably about 1000 or so. Everyone was trying to stand in the shade. But to be honest, I don’t really care about the turnout. I don’t even care about how much readership TRS is getting, I just want to do my thing. People who couldn’t attend does not mean they are not supportive, I believe everyone has already know who to vote for come 2016. How would the PAP government interpret the low turnout is up to them, but what I do know that the PAP is going to become complacent and screw up more. This is good news for me because that will give me writing materials to write. A government that screws up too much will be voted out one day, maybe in 5, 10 years time…I will not be in Singapore for sure to see that.

Roy and Daryl Tan’s speech was awesome, I think they have potential. Only managed to record Daryl’s speech because I was away taking photos of the placards, you can see them at the end of the post.


And then we spotted the entire SDP contingent at one corner and Gilbert Goh started inviting Dr Chee up for a few word.

During the QnA, somebody asked if we are interested to form a group and stand for elections. Robert Teh said he will consider, but for me, I am already bailing out of Sg. I am not a politician and never wanted to be one. I said ordinary people like those on the floor can stand for elections as well, not necessary us the speakers. Like the audience, I was an ordinary Opposition supporter…wait…an anti-PAP fan to be exact. I never wanted to stand in the elections during GE2011. BUT. The useless Prime Minister, the one who screwed it all up, is getting away with a walkover. I told the crowd we should never allow a walkover GRC, it is simply undemocratic. I don’t know how would GE2011 turned out if I have remained at Potong Pasir and helped Lina Chiam out, but I do not regret my decision in preventing a walkover in AMK.

Here are the photos of the placards:

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