You dare trust the PAP?


The government mouthpiece has again started drumming up about trust and credibility of the PAP machinery. This knee-jerk response is aimed particularly at the internet where skepticism are literally over the place. Thanks to anonymous websites like The Real Singapore, people are able to get a deeper understanding of issues and discuss objectively the impact of government policies. Such insight are very unhealthy for the PAP and make them look incompetent and incapable of critical thinking. The entire mainstream media, along with many other online media, may be controlled by the PAP, but they still fail to be trusted by the people.

Associate Professor Reuben Wong from National University of Singapore’s political science department, said: “They’ve seen that things have gone wrong so the relationship between the citizenship and the government is not what it used to be where people trusted the government to make the right decisions for their interest and were willing to let the government make decisions without very much public consultation.” [Source]

Prof. Reuben had put it in a presentable format, presentable in a PAP-controlled channel manner. Succinctly, he actually meant the people are no longer letting the PAP shove policies down their throats. The absence of trust lies with the accountability and transparency of the PAP policies. Many times, rationale questions like how much is the construction cost of HDB flats have been raised and dismissed with obfuscating and ambiguous statements like this one from Minister Khaw Boon Wan [Source]. The HDB isn’t the only one who wouldn’t disclose their balance sheet to dispel “untruth” that the PAP government is all about profiting off Singaporeans. Other policies and schemes like CPF Life, ERP, COE and the latest Medishield Life are equally as transparent as a brick wall and offers little or no assurance to Singaporeans.

Our esteemed PAP leaders resorted to using sweet nothings to coax Singaporeans, to little effect of course especially when problems continue to compound and worsen the standard of living for Singaporeans. The secret to trust can only be proven results. Until the day we see our population starts to fall to a sustainable number(I am thinking 4.5 million), or the day where our trains no longer break down, or the day where the poor in Singapore are given sustainable welfare payout, or the day where our young men and women can command enough purchasing power to start a family confidently, we can not trust the PAP. ¬†Trusting them now will only spell doom for us and create more indifference and complacency in the PAP. If you have notice that the PAP have been introducing a slew of “Singaporean-friendly” policies recently, it is a signal we should keep this momentum of distrust up to ensure they are kept on their toes. The Opposition are minority, the media is controlled, the judiciary…well let’s just say Singaporeans are the last line of defense to check the PAP government.


What do you think?

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