Sustainable Singapore Blueprint?

Sustainable Singapore Blueprint? Sounds like another fancy feedback-down-the-longgang exercise to me. The PAP is here again pretending to listen to the people. The last thing we need is just another inefficient feedback session that produces no tangible results. Our Singapore Conversations started about 2 years ago, till today, we have not seen any policies that have been positively changed as a result of the convo.

We are anywhere but sustainable today. The problem lies not with the solutions, but with the lack of political will of the present PAP.

This lack of political will is the very reason why so many Singaporeans are supporting for the Opposition because the PAP do not see any incentive to listen to Singaporeans.

Singapore is a small country with relatively small problems. If but not all issues are solely domestic, I don’t see why the PAP is taking so long to solve them.

Initially, I gave the PAP some leeway and thought that they have been asking the wrong people. Just look at those feedback sessions, majority of the attendants are PAP grassroots members or people who depends on the PAP for a living. In other open feedback sessions, the PAP approach heartland residents. But there is one group they totally avoid – critics, or people like me who have statistics and can debate point to point with a PAP Minister. It appears the PAP is getting feedback from the wrong groups after all.

Then I thought, that the PAP may lack consultants the likes of Albert Winsemius. Then I realize there are a lot of talents in Singapore who knows how to move the country forward – they are all over the internet. The problem lies not with the lack of local talents and leaders, the problem lies with the leadership – the Prime Minister to be exact.

The leading management are not responsible enough to even acknowledge the presence of a problem. It is always been after much hoo hah by Singaporeans do the leader start “gaining awareness”. Given such wide grassroots and network you have, the system is not too slow and inefficient – the Leader is.

PM Lee must step down, as well as the rest of the Cabinet. The Ministers should all be fired and step aside for new leaders.



China Murderer has already been working in Singapore for 4 years on Working Visa

murderer china

Despite claiming to have one of the strictest immigration laws in the world, a murder suspect in China managed to enter Singapore 4 years ago. After killing and robbing the victim of his motorcycle and gold ring in March 2009, Yang and his accomplice buried the victim in an abandoned garden. The duo were summoned to assist investigations with the China Police in February 2011, which Yang did not show up.

On 11 January 2012, the China Police issued a warrant of arrest for Yang. The Singapore Police was notified of the warrant of arrest, but it was not revealed when was the Singapore Police notified. The murder suspect is only caught some 21 months later this year on 17 October 2013. Yang has since been repatriated back to China to face the murder charge.

It is highly likely that he will face the death penalty in China.

How many more criminals do you think are still hiding in Singapore?

PAP Minister Chan Chun Sing: No need for official poverty line


Why no official poverty line? PAP Minister Chan Chun Sing has this to say:
1) it would not fully reflect the severity and complexity of issues faced by the poor,
2) and may also lead to those above the line missing out on assistance

From (1), it seems like the PAP do not perceive tissue-touting, wheelchair-snack-bars and other half-begging means is severe. They do not think it is important to demarcate the poverty line because they believe the poor in Singapore is well look after, despite having to spend the least in welfare as compared to other countries.

The second excuse (2) is a joke. When you are worried about people falling into cracks, you simply raise the bar higher or practice active means-testing for those who do not qualify. How could this be a valid excuse not to have a poverty line?

A poverty line is important to identify the poor. It is only when we know who is poor by a certain benchmark, do we know who we can help. It makes me wonder how does the PAP help the poor when they don’t even know who are the poor.

Perhaps the real reason for not having a poverty line, is the embarrassing fact that there are too many poor people in Singapore. The PAP’s KPI in the people’s eyes will be defined by the number of people living below poverty line – that is if we have one. They are worried they couldn’t trumpet how well they are leading Singapore when they score record GDP every year and yet having more people falling below the poverty line.

From a simple apple-to-apple comparison measurement of those drawing less than $1500 salary a month, it is obvious as many as 458,000 Singaporeans are living below poverty line. Income gap have continued to rise this year with the GINI coefficient staying well above 4 for the last decade. And with the PAP Minister using such flimsy excuses is a national shame.

There are many things the PAP do not tell us out of “our interests”, like the construction cost of HDB flats, the amount of National Reserves and this time, the number of poor. It is amazing how Singaporeans can be so ignorant and only a small handful of us are calling for accountability and transparency. It makes me lose hope of this country’s future because the PAP can simply lead everyone to the cliff and the sheep will jump off one by one.

Cheap foreign labor addiction

st const

Notice how the PAP-controlled media avoid highlighting salaries? The PAP and employers have always harp on manpower shortage and give flimsy excuses like “Singaporeans do not want to work in construction/service/retail/FnB sector”. They deliberately avoid talking about salary because they know they are paying peanuts, and their only defense is that cost of living will increases if salaries goes up. Such is the cheap foreign labor addiction that the PAP and employers are hooked on, and having them quit have serious withdrawal symptoms.

A functioning relationship between manpower and salary is one that varies invariantly, the common sense is simple, when there is a manpower shortage, increase salaries. The PAP have however complicate this sustainable formula and introduced a foreign worker quota. Salaries can go down further so long there is a looser foreign worker quota, and this is what is happening to our low income occupations – low income workers have their salaries stagnated for more than a decade [Source]; never mind how the PAP and NTUC trumpets about their “tripartite” system. Salaries should be a lot higher than what it is today and developed countries like Australia, UK and Japan are exemplary models that having high wages for the low income do not cause a spike in cost of living.

Over here in Singapore, we have a lot of cheap foreign labor, but our cost of living kept increasing. This is happening because of the influx of rich foreigners and the growing domestic demand resulted from an increase in population. As such, allowing employers to import more cheap foreign labor and allowing more foreign millionaires to stash their cash here will only result in higher cost of living. Implementing a generous Minimum Wage like Aussie’s $17/hr will compensate inflation for a better quality of life, whereas increasing the number of cheap labor worsens both the standard of living and inflation.

Paying cheap dollars for a manual work is also unethical. I won’t feel good knowing the person behind the counter serving me is living on $4 an hour and struggling with his finance. Neither do I feel better with banglah workers eating a pile of rice by the roadside even if it means cheaper housing for me. Having cheap foreign labor because our neighboring countries have cheaper labor is a rat race to the bottom, everybody will still be a rat even if you win the race.

No retirement, only slavery



Retirement is one aspect the PAP failed terribly in, and their solution is to tell people to work longer. The Ministry of Manpower recently increased the Re-employment and Retirement Age, which is totally irrelevant and unhelpful to Singaporeans at all. Here’s why:

1) Most elderly Singaporeans are working in low income contract jobs which is no beneficiary of the act in the first place.
2) There are not enough decent-paying jobs to go around for elderly Singaporeans
3) Such act will only result in massive pay cuts

Point 2 is further worsened by the influx of cheap foreign labor and the lack of strict manpower laws to protect Singaporeans. The proposal by MOM is no solution, there is no indication retiring later equates to a sustainable funding for retirement, Singaporeans could well find they still barely feed themselves even after they have been dismissed by law as “retired”.

Delaying the retirement age is regressive and an indication that our standard of living have dropped further.From the graph above, it is clear Singaporeans living in 2013 today have to work longer into their twilight years as compared to the average Singaporean living in 1993. The entire retirement system, especially the CPF, is a broken one because it doesn’t makes sense that anyone not being able to retire after working for more than 3 decades.

The declining old-age-support graph should be no excuse that we need more foreigners, in fact, it is the other way round. From 2000 to 2011, the PAP ramped up the population by 25%, yet the old-age-support ratio continue to dip. It shows that no matter how many foreigners you bring in, you can never make up for the trend. The only solution is to work on birth rate, which is interestingly also not rising despite the record number of new citizens we have today.

The real solution to declining old-age-support is to abolish the PAP beliefs that welfare is a dirty word and people will be lazy when you give them a social safety net. We need a Minimum Wage, a pension system, universal healthcare, free education and other welfare more than ever. The PAP will only worsen the situation if they are kept in power with inept solutions like raising the Retirement Age. It is stupid, it is superficial, it doesn’t solve anything.


No more Cheaper Better Faster, it is Easier Safer Smarter!



Say good bye to Cheaper Better Faster, Lim Swee Say have coined a new term: Easier Safer Smarter! ESS!

What a retard. I can’t believe we have this idiot for NTUC chief and Minister of State. This bugger should be fired immediately for bringing disrepute to Singapore as the Minister of State. If foreign visitors are here, we have better hide him or give him strict instructions not to talk.

PAP doesn’t appreciate having the most hardworking people in the world


What do the PAP think of Singaporeans being the most hardworking people in the world? Dafts who require sticks in their hide? It is amazing how reality have already crowned Singaporeans as the most hard striving lot in the world and yet we play second fiddle to foreigners from China, India and Philippines right in our very own land.

toefl-scores1Singaporeans come in first in English as compared to other Asians [Source], yet the PAP treats us like dirt.

It is no surprise that every year more than 10,000 Singaporeans leave Singapore to reside in other countries. Today, more than 200,000 Singaporeans are residing overseas [Source] and more are ex-Singaporeans. Most of them who emigrate are considered eligible migrants meaning to say they have fulfilled at least the 3 following attributes:

1) Competent English
2) Skilled migrant
3) Bachelor degree

Losing these Singaporeans to other countries is a brain drain and simply worsens the ageing population as they give babies elsewhere. The most common reason why they are settling overseas is being purely financial. This will get some heads scratching, especially for this particular group who are living in poverty and yet don’t feel so. This group of poor I am specifically referring to are the ones who can afford the creature comforts – they have no problem buying the latest iPhone fad or set aside a tidy sum for an annual vacation. They are classified as poor largely because of a very weak or non-existent social safety net. Most of them wouldn’t get to retire and their lifestyle can only be maintained for as long as they are still able to work. Give them an accident that makes them disabled, or the unavoidable ageing process which leads to retrenchment, the moment they become economically nonviable, they know their life ended there and then.

These new poor know fully the entrapment they are in. The signs are all over the place. Elderly Singaporean working menial jobs with no minimum wage, disabled people making snack bars of their wheelchairs, and the absolute poor living in rental flats. They know they couldn’t afford a child, or for the worse off, a wedding or even a date. The social cost of weak purchasing power is adverse and pretty much summed up by the low birth rate. Like their forefathers, they work very hard for very long hours. But unlike their forefathers’ times, today’s employment climate is one that have easy access to cheap foreign labor, working hard is only a basic requisite to getting a wage; they will need qualification, talent, network and even loss of integrity [Source] for some to get rich. They cheat themselves into believing that progress has been made because of the new monumental buildings built everyday everywhere, but the unfortunate fact is that they are walking the same path on the same system that calls itself a Meritocracy and yet punishes the hardworking so badly.

The relentless call for an increase in population without listening is apparent that the PAP doesn’t appreciate these Singaporeans. But like an abused spouse, many still believe in the candy-coated words of the wife beater. Statistics and anecdotally, Singaporeans have been abused, but many are telling themselves otherwise. I have only pity and love for Singaporeans, but I won’t join them failing themselves.

Emigration is my response to the PAP.