Only solution for PAP: Decrease Singapore’s Population to 4 million

Singapore is on the free fall to be one of the worst countries to live in and the PAP is facing mounting pressures in all Ministries from voters who are poised to kick them out by 2016. So far suing critics didn’t stop Singaporeans from further bad-mouthing the PAP. Intimidation didn’t work, so are conning and controlling. Propaganda don’t work anymore these days in the internet age. So what is the only ONE solution that will solve all their problems?

Decrease Singapore’s population back to 4 million.

Here is what will happen if the PAP continue their destructive population growth strategies:

1) Cost of living will go up in the long run
Given that the current prices are already considered “cheap” with depressed labor costs, the cost of living will continue to increase as the pressure for wage increase are fueled by angry voters. Until the population of Singapore decreases back to 4 million and along with the downsizing of rich foreigners hogging expensive properties here, Singapore’s domestic demand will continue to keep everything expensive. That being said, so long the PAP government is in power, the population will never decrease because they are looking at the 6.9 million figure. Oh, and don’t forget PAP’s favorite word – Meritocracy. Meritocracy means that rich foreigner deserves the CEO at the same price as the average Singaporean. Same goes to housing for Permanent Residents and New Citizens.

2) Your salary will continue to be depressed
The system has been structured in a way that the middle class is the new low class, and the poor are the lowest income earners who pay taxes(GST). Bare minimum. That’s all you can get. You might still manage to squeeze out that little luxury of an annual Phuket trip, but retirement and family is out of question. The average folk will not starve(there you hear the white supporters go hooray and start telling how bless you are not born in Philippines) but you can never have sufficient. The PAP effectively depress 90% of everyone’s wages across all industries through the use of E-pass, S-pass and Work Permit Minimum Wage.  It wouldn’t make sense of any employer to pay a Singaporean higher than a foreigner on Minimum Wage, and as such, salaries will continue to be depressed based on the unofficial benchmark set by the Manpower Ministry.

3) Their salary will continue to increase
If you were previously unhappy about the PAP Ministerial Salaries, you should take a chill pill first before reading. Given that the PAP have continued to face 2 consecutive by-election losses, the political party is finding it harder than ever to find a “decent” candidate. Going by PAP’s “decency”standard, you will have to be at least a lawyer, doctor, businessman or a high flyer earning good money in their government-linked companies. These “decent” candidates-to-be will not be attracted to step up to campaign the election if the Ministerial or MP salaries are not high enough. As a result of the increasing difficulty of finding a candidate, the PAP will further increase the salaries of their kind…which further anger the voters to remove more of them out of office…which in turn increase the difficulty of finding a candidate….which calls for another round of Ministerial/MP Salary increase…oh well you get the drift.

4) Work-life Balance will worsen
The cheaper and hungrier people are here and you see them coming en masse from China, India and Philippines. Never mind their non-existent quality of work, they are willing to work longer than the MOM-stipulated 44 hour work week at no OT pay and complains. Simply put, these foreigners spoiled the market.

5) Overcrowding to worsen, inequality to worsen, no more retirement, lower fertility rate, more breakdowns, increase in crime rate, longer waiting time, unhappier people, more social conflicts, diminishing national identity, increase redundancy of National Slavery…
All these points towards only one magic figure – the number of foreigners. All these problems are the results of having too many people standing on the same spot. The PAP has no solutions to the above problems because they created the problems in the first place. Their only redemption is to decrease the population and, hopefully, alleviate and even reverse Singapore’s terrible state of affairs today. Do not expect Singaporeans to believe any of the latest PAP gimmicks like Our Singapore Conversation and Baey Yam Keng’s face [Source] to solve true problems on the ground when more foreigners continue to crowd us out.

6) Political Impact
Given how well the Workers’ Party have been doing and nobody today is actually missing George Yeo and his gang, losing a few more GRCs is expected. And that means losing a few more Ministers. If this trend continues, the PAP will eventually be voted out of power in just 1 or 2 more elections. The existing structure of the GRC means that once the PAP becomes an Opposition, the chances of them regaining incumbency is near-impossible. That of course has been prepared for by the PAP, which is why more SMCs are coming up and smaller and fewer GRCs are created. Nonetheless, with lesser GRCs, the PAP will still lose more seats. Not mentioning the liberalization of the mainstream media and government-linked companies, the country will be de-politicized eventually when more people lose faith of expecting another PAP victory.

And the most important political impact of all – the shame of Lee Hsien Loong. The son who lost everything his father built.


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