Latest jokes by the team with Tin Pei Ling in it

Here are the latest jokes by the team with Tin Pei Ling in it:

1) “The GPC said feedback from social workers indicates that they see regular cases of clients who choose to voluntarily admit themselves or extend their stay in hospital so that they can use their Medisave for treatment.”

Poor Singaporeans who seek social workers’ help are CLIENTS who have made much money for the government hospitals. Many of these CLIENTS love to admit themselves in hospitals than being at the comfort of their home, just so they can use their Medisave.

2) “It said Medisave curbs that over-encourage the use of acute healthcare system should be reduced and minimised.”

Medisave restrictions that prevent you from accessing your money are encouraging you to get sick and abuse the healthcare system.

3) “Medisave should be allowed to be used for health screening, essential dental procedures, physiotherapy and occupational therapy up to a certain cap to prevent excessive usage. Medisave withdrawal limits should be regularly reviewed to ensure that the out-of-pocket expenditure for Singaporeans remains manageable.”

Health screening, essential dental procedures, physiotherapy and occupational therapy are optional, and if the 70 year old used these sessions excessively, the PAP is not going to pay. And the selective use of the word “remains”, indicates that healthcare costs paid on cash is still manageable or what?

4) “It wants to make sure that Medisave is not depleted prematurely as people use it to support family members.”

When your family member become bankrupt due to piling medical bills, you cannot help them using your own Medisave. You can only pay cash, otherwise there is no more Medisave left for the PAP when it is your turn to get sick.


GPC health

Are these useless bums running the country down or are they reluctantly spending on healthcare budget in hope for a salary review?

As Medisave are savings derived from hard-earned income, and especially for the elderly earning $3.50 an hour working as cleaners, it is wicked and outright unethical of the PAP to put up restrictions preventing them from using their savings to pay for their own treatment. Singaporean workers’ pay up to 36% of their monthly wages [Source] to the CPF which is supposed to guarantee them a worriless retirement and healthcare system. For an Australian worker earning the same median paycheck as a Singaporean worker at SGD $3500, one will only need to pay 9% under the Australian tax system [Source] which guarantees a pension system and free healthcare. How much has the PAP shortchanged Singaporeans can be easily weighted when we are paying 4 times in CPF as compared to taxes in Australia, we could still see elderly working humiliating manual labor and still struggling for a living in their twilight years.

“Help” offered by the PAP are often crumbs of the economic success left after rich foreigners and employers had enjoyed their buffet. Healthcare for Singaporeans are seen as an expenses to the PAP, who holds a perverted mindset that more Singaporeans volunteer to get cancer just to abuse the healthcare system. The proposal of the Government Parliamentary Committee(GPC) of Health, consisting of dim-witted yes-men MPs like Tin Pei Ling and Teo Ho Pin, have made near-zero improvements to the existing healthcare framework by suggesting minor cosmetic changes to the broken system fended shamelessly for by the PAP over the years. None of the PAP MPs nor Ministers has proven their salt by pushing for a free universal healthcare for Singaporeans. It is apparent that voting for the PAP will only continue to ensure piling medical bills for sick and disabled Singaporeans.

The saying that “the sick is better off dead in Singapore” will continue to ring true so long the PAP stays in power.


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