Most comprehensive Our Singapore Con-job(OSC)

oscWatching 8 Harry Potter movies 82 times. 12,600 cups of coffee enough to fill 1/1000 of an Olympic-sized pool.


This is the National Con-job(OSC).

There is this info-graphic detailing how much resources are spent on the massive propaganda exercise to help the PAP pretend they listen to you [Source]. Given the attention and media coverage showered, it appears like the PAP is betting their political future on the OSC. Today’s problems in our retirement, employment, housing, transport, reserves, electoral system, population, healthcare and education have only but one solution: the OSC. Why?

Let’s take a case study: North Korea. Undernourishment is rampant in North Korea [Source] and the Kim dictatorship is one of the most oppressive regime in human history. But they successful stayed in power even when a good percentage of the people are living off tree bark. Indoctrination through powerful propaganda and the use of fear is key. Leaving fear out of the equation today and superimpose this on Singapore, and this is why the OSC is so important to them. To Kim Jong Un and the PAP, the solution is people’s perception, not realistic policies-changing constitution-rewriting system-configuring groundbreaking solutions. Every dollar invested in perception management, or propaganda, is more politically-productive than each cent spent building more BTO flats. From here, we can see the PAP’s true aim of the OSC – to remain its status quo as the dominant political party of Singapore.

Election campaigning did not end after the PAP was brought back to power in GE2011, they continued making promises of destinations that we would never arrive. Singapore today is more crowded than ever, more expensive than ever, more foreign than ever and just simply worse off every year whatever you name it. A short glimpse of how the OSC plot works was actually revealed not too long ago on the topic of population. What happened was the PAP claimed they have gone through numerous OSC sessions about the population and they ended up with a White Paper calling for a 6.9 million population. Could you see the message?

You see us hearing you, do you feel better now? But you don’t know better.

According to the PAP, your feedback will be considered during policy formulation. But what they didn’t tell you is they will just shove down the policy down your throat whether if you like it or not – the same way they have been doing for the past decades. Hardly the consultative government they are pretending to be. The PAP is right when they claimed they are conducting the “most comprehensive” feedback exercise ever; they have never been as serious about their pretense as before. They used to have an online programme in 2006 called Reach [Source], but it ended with a quiet death as the moderators actively censored and banned feedback critical of the PAP. It remains to be seen if the OSC will fade away like Reach. Prior to Reach, the PAP relied on their powerful grassroots outreach in the heartlands. In every town, there is a community centre which centralize control of every residential committee in the different precincts, each comprising of a few HDB blocks. Feedback from the ground were supposed to push up to the Ministerial levels via the grassroots leaders. Unfortunately due to the influx of foreigners, more Permanent Residents and New Citizens get to become grassroots leaders and they started giving skewed ground sentiments or “the right things” to their higher ups, with help from the usual opportunists, business owners and salesmen who joined the grassroots for networking, business opportunities, HDB priority parking or Primary School registration priority for their children. Lapdogs Grassroots leaders eventually become unreliable and were soon relegated to minion duties like putting up national flags, writing nasty comments about Singaporeans not happy with the PAP or distributing free chicken rice to anyone who attends a PAP rally. The PAP Ministers could no longer hear an honest feedback from its grassroots, which is why the OSC took the stage.

In retrospect, did the OSC help prevent an eventual downfall of the PAP? No, not even a bit, not unless the entire country is running on a virtual private network banning sites like The Real Singapore. The OSC seems more like a solution for North Koreans, not well-travelled IT-savvy Singaporeans. The OSC is an amateurish propaganda attempt, it is an insult and in fact it is a turn-off  to Singaporeans, or at least the 40% of us. Talking will not help, show us your sincerity by first re-appointing a different Minister who is not a sitting duck who knows nothing more than expressing his disappointment at SBS and SMRT and having his photos taken in public like Lui Tuck Yew. The public transport breakdowns are not going to go away with me acknowledging you hearing me, so are the 101 real issues out there.

Get things done, stop conversing and shut me up with results. Otherwise, prepare for 2016.

Your Conned Singaporean,
Alex Tan


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