An unhappy Singaporean’s reply to Chuan Jin’s nonsense

“Singaporeans who are not happy should try to improve things instead of running down the country”
~ Minister Tan Chuan Jin

Dear Chuan Jin

Nobody in the PAP could be better at rhetoric than you are. Put in a few simple words of that sentence, you have achieved both the offensive and defensive aspect of the growing resentment fueled by none other than your party’s incompetence to govern. Perhaps it has got to do with your upbringing or influences in an all-white greenhouse, the group you isolated, unhappy Singaporeans, are actually not running down the country. As a vocal minority in this Singaporean subset, I find it ludicrous and insulted given how much effort and time we “unhappy Singaporeans” have invested into this country. It is like calling a patriot “traitor”; and especially when it comes from a million dollar conformist who is more interested in running down “unhappy Singaporeans” and keeping his party’s waning popularity afloat, the irony is epic.

Unhappy Singaporeans have been a great positive energy keeping your incompetent government on its toes. We brought you down to the ground and look at the wonderful initiatives like HDB cooling measures, Our Singapore Conversations, reduction in ministerial salaries, reduction in the intake of cheap foreign labor –  of course their effectiveness will be another topic for another day. Have it not for unhappy Singaporeans reacting in protest to uncaring self-serving policies and routemap like a 6.9 million population target, influx of foreigners, unworthy salaries for Ministers, overpriced HDB, overpriced COEs and rising income gap, would your government have done anything? Do we await some good day common sense dawn upon PAP leaders before they realize that Singapore is overcrowded, or do we take actions and conduct protests against an unrealistic population policy?

As you have already known, MPs and Ministers from your party are often painted as elitist smugs who don’t understand the people. Given how you have responded to “unhappy Singaporeans”, that perception is not unfounded. Giving constructive criticisms like asking Lim Swee Say to resign and reinstate a workers’ union independent of the PAP’s control is not running down the country. Likewise when a cartoonist made popular sarcasm out of you and your colleagues’ gaffes, incompetence and stupidity, that is not running down the country. You and your colleagues as Ministers and MPs are not the country, and do not pretend you are because your relevance is only until 2016 and running down the PAP is not running down the country – bear in mind you are just a politician of a certain political party who is fortunate enough to be voted in by clueless sheeps. How do you define running the country down? You do not understand Singaporeans, especially the growing 40% of them.

People are complaining because they are powerless and they know the ones in power are not going to change the status quo either. When Singaporeans cannot afford to raise a family, retire and are virtually priced out by every rich foreigner millionaire offered free citizenship and Permanent Residency status here, isn’t it justified of unhappy Singaporeans to call Singapore pricey and not for the average folks? When letters of demands and litigation letters are sent to silence critics, isn’t it justified of unhappy Singaporeans like Leslie Chew calling the PAP of what it is? When foreigners came in such huge numbers taking jobs and diluting the number of Singaporeans, isn’t it justified of unhappy Singaporeans Brian Vittachi calling it what it is? When PAP kept section 377a, isn’t it justified of Miss Wang calling it what it is? You seems to have a penchant of taking every criticism negatively, out of a guilty conscience perhaps? It is apparent you have the tendency to draw defensive lines and start hitting back at every punches flying your direction. These are Singaporean citizens and people you are supposed to serve. We are not your enemies, there is no need for cheap shots, empty rhetoric and lawsuits.

Unhappy Singaporeans are not consulted, worse, they are ignored and their voices are drowned by the grassroots lapdogs. A few outstanding among us have workable solutions that cowards have no political will to implement. So in that Ministerial position of yours, instead of prejudicing unhappy Singaporeans, what have you done to improve things to keep this place happy? Shouldn’t you be looking at the concerns unhappy Singaporeans are raising, instead of dismissing them as running down the country?

Oh did you even read what I’ve written?

Never mind, you shall see in 2016.

An unhappy Singaporean
Alex Tan Zhixiang


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