Meet your credible writers

Straits Times’ top dogs – Ensuring you read the right things

tessa wong1) Tessa Wong
Political Reporter
Started in 2011
She is currently the star hound of the Straits Times covering online current affairs sites after GE2011. Aside from being an avert propaganda artist,  Tessa is also a blogger at SingaPolitics – a SPH-funded current affairs news site created to carry pro-PAP commentaries and news opinions. She is currently next in-line vying with Rachel Chang to take over Jeremy Au Yong as the next Deputy Editor, who according to a reliable source, is leaving the SPH by the end of this year.


2) Rachel Chang
Political Reporter
Started in 2011
raccPolitical correspondent of the year. The new blood is a SPH scholar whose main line of work is to garnish PAP Ministers’ and MPs’ quotes, supporting and making supplementary political interpretations to put the PAP in the best light they can be. Minister Lim Swee Say who is widely known for his gaffes and inability to defend himself, is a great beneficiary of Rachel’s linguistic talent.




Jeremy byline

3) Jeremy Au Yong
Political Deputy Editor
Started in 2007
Hetak-taki in his position for 6 years, Jeremy Au Yong is rumored to be leaving Straits Times quietly by year end. Where will he go…no no…where can he go?


chua mui hoong4) Chua Mui Hoong
Opinion Editor
Started in ???
Former Internal Security Department agent. You can definitely trust her to shape your opinion given her position as an “Opinion Editor”.

Oh she’s still single.




chua lee hoong5) Chua Lee Hoong
Political Editor
Started in ???
Leading the pack is the best of them all and also the better of the 2 sister. Being really long with the state press, Chua Lee Hoong is in the best position to explain why Singapore rank at 149th in press freedom, and probably after her explanation, you will realize press freedom and independence is not important after all.

Oh she’s single too.





wf6) Warren Fernandez
Started in ???
Don’t be taken in by his goofy look, this leprechaun is responsible for every article in Straits Times. He is the professional gatekeeper who ensures that Straits Times will forever be a credible source for window cleaning. $7000 cab driver. $1000 household income for a HDB. Warren is that good.


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