Does the Republic of Singapore Navy uses private emails to request for quotations?

A certain Seah has signed off as the Chief Logistic Coordinator of the Republic of Singapore Navy, and sent an open email request for quotation using his yahoo-hosted account to supposedly computer vendors. This email was brought to The Real Singapore’s attention by our anonymous contributor, who believe it is unprofessional and inappropriate of the high ranking Navy Officer to openly disclose the email addresses. ¬†Business contacts, especially email addresses, are chief targets of malwares and advertisement spams from commercial hackers and data mining companies.

A check with the cc list of the email indicates a few names that coincidentally are related to salesmen, engineers and directors of computer companies in Singapore. Just a few clicks with google on Linkedin, Anna Soh is a supply chain professional with HP Singapore, Hingkuen is a senior engineer with AMD, Eric Lim is a director of Esco AV, Catherine Chang is a senior technical coordinator with DSTA, Lina Lim is a senior technical account manager with Microsoft and revealing a few companies like Transtek Computer System and Proton Wisma Computers.

If the email is true, the real questions would be:

1) Why did Seah not use a RSN-based email address? As a Chief Logistic Coordinator, was he not given one?

2) Why isn’t the quotation going through an open government tender?

The Real Singapore has since forwarded our query to the Republic of Singapore Navy for comments.

By The Real Singapore


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