Imposter policeman raped 16 year old

man_accused_of_raping_16yearold_student_after_posing_as_cop-thumbnailIn July 16 2010, a 41 year old Indian man, Sivakumar Selvarajah, found a young couple having sex in a car at a multi storey carpark in Woodlands. Sivakumar later then knocked on the glass window of the car furiously, took a photo of the used condom as “evidence” and demanded the young couple to step out of the car. He later said he was a police officer and gave the couple 2 options: 1 is to bring the two of them to the police station or 2, the boyfriend to drive home himself while he bring the girl home. The couple chose the latter and the 16 year old girl left with Sivakumar.

Sivakumar later brought the girl to a secluded place and told her he was from the Jurong Police Headquarter and that she shouldn’t jeopardize her future. He told her either she go to the police station or have sex with him. He later raped her on the back seat. The penalty for rape is imprisonment up to 20 years with a fine or cane. The High Court heard the case with the girl,  who is 18 this year, behind a camera. Sivakumar has denied all charges including the impersonation of a police officer. rape and outrage of modesty.

By The Real Singapore


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