PAP MP put up “No Playing” sign at playground

skw playground signIn a case of an extraordinary lack of common sense, Sengkang West PAP MP Dr Lam Pin Min put up a “No Playing” sign at a playground in his constituency at Blk 323B Sengkang East Way. The PAP MP said the sign was put up because he received complaints from residents about the noises children made at the playground.

The esteemed doctor from KK Hospital also claimed that the sign was erected 6 years ago under the previous managing agent of the town council, however most of the residents in the area said they have only seen it recently put up just a few weeks ago. Apparently most of the residents in his constituency must be liars because a PAP MP cannot be wrong. The PAP government handpicks the best of its wide pool of government scholars and its selection process was claimed to be so stringent that the candidates could not be easily attracted into serving the nation without a million dollar package.

The sign has since been taken down after several independent online news site ridiculed the sign of its redundancy.

By The Real Singapore



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