Lim Swee Say champions for employers…again

In light of a possible move to enact Singapore’s first set of anti-discrimination laws, the PAP-controlled workers’ union chief Lim Swee Say made an audacious call for the law to benefit employers. Citing worries about a rigid labor market for employers, the PAP Minister hoped that the anti-discrimination laws will not be “too tight”.

Despite being appointed the chief of Singapore’s only workers’ union, Lim Swee Say have not spoken up for Singapore workers and have in turn on several occasions championed for employers. Here are a few instances why the workers’ union chief is just a clown paid in millions:

1) In 2008, Lim Swee Say supported having more foreign labor [Source]

2) In 2009, Lim Swee Say called for a cheaper workforce [Source]

3) In 2013, Lim Swee Say object to Minimum Wage [Source]

4) In 2013, Lim Swee Say supports the PAP Government to condemn SMRT strikes and deem them “illegal” [Source]

Where in this world do you have an anti-workers unionist? If the job description of a union chief is to be a lapdog, could the PAP government at least keep it cheaper by not having Singaporeans to pay $1.24 million a year for the idiot with a position of a M4-grade Minister?

Lim Swee Say’s incompetency is far-fetched to the point where he cannot even string together a cohesive sentence both in English and Chinese, let alone having the capability and flair the likes of Chen Show Mao and Sylvia Lim to weigh and debate employment policies and the national direction. Some may say that Lim Swee Say could be sleeping on his job as a unionist where income inequality spiralled out of control, but when his job is to parrot the PAP and functions as a propaganda signal repeater, he is indeed doing a fantastic job. In fact, Lim Swee Say could have served Singapore better by not disgracing Singaporeans on the international platform with self-coined terms like “betterer”.

Who is dumber? The fool or the followers of the fool?
It is amazing how a whopping 54.8% of the Singaporeans in East Coast GRC prefer a minion over the Workers’ Party team which consisted of today’s Hougang MP Png Eng Huat.

While Lim Swee Say is of course more responsible than others for the lack of workers representation in Singapore, the truly guilty need not look further than into the mirror. PAP voters in East Coast GRC have either voted selfishly or ignorantly of the implications and consequences of fellow Singaporeans. For every employment-related issues with regulations, from the lack of a work-life balance to the depression of salaries, the PAP voters are responsible for all this.

The real solution: Converting PAP voters
Let’s not point our fingers at the incompetent PAP leaders for their poor leadership, but rather at the festering ignorance of the PAP supporters propagating a senseless society dangerously in the hands of an expired leadership basking in old glories. The real battle for Singaporeans is the one against the majority who have voted the PAP into power. If statistics and trends have its way, the PAP is all likely to be voted into power again by 2016. A repeat disaster of the several 5 years Singaporeans had with the PAP.

Singaporeans could go soft again, offering the PAP government another chance to redeem themselves. Probably another apology from the Prime Minister or from all of the Ministers again – what surprising shameless antics would they not resort to given how many hypocrites have already shed tears “for the people” before election day. The question remains if Singaporeans can afford the price of entrusting their future with another good dose of poor and incompetent leadership.

We are living in 2013 today, but I do not foresee the PAP going out of power by 2016. Despite all the inconvenience and worsening conditions of Singapore, the ground is not bitter enough. The recent population protest is in the right direction but the PAP voters amongst us are still not uncomfortable enough to change. Their obstinacy are uncanny that of sheeps in a slaughterhouse, except for the fact we will all be killed.

Alex Tan
Co-editor of Wiki Temasek


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