Lie #1: Singapore has no natural resources

OTHER countries have natural resources like petrol, gas, rubber, tin, gold, timber and other products.

Singapore has no natural resources. Yet, for the last 50 years, it has made progress that is envied by many nations. This is possible because of the Government’s wise policies and our people…
~B.H. Melwani
Straits Times [Source]


#1 Fabrication By the PAP: Singapore has no natural resources and was only a fishing village before PAP came to power
Fact: Like Hongkong, Singapore was a crown colony of the Britain from 1867 to 1942 [Source]. Singapore’s only natural resource – its strategic location – made it into the world’s busiest sea port, a gateway to South-East Asia and an ideal location for multi-national companies to base their headquarters for expansion into the region. Since the 1870s, Singapore has been thriving as a trading port between China and Europe.

Singapore’s infrastructures were built by the British, equipped with what was then-considered advanced telecommunication lines, power and a water provision system. High rise buildings for residential and commence were built as early as 1900, and shopping malls were available in Singapore as early as 1950. The judiciary system, police, tax authority and mainstream media dated back to as old as 1870. Below is a video of Singapore in the 1938:

The fact remains that the PAP was merely handed over a functional city by the British, and has merely maintained peace and security to catalyze Singapore’s development. PAP supporters are largely ignorant of the development prior to Independence, which blinded them oblivious to the poor state of affairs Singapore is in today.

The constant reminder that Singapore has no natural resources is to upkeep a siege mentality on Singaporeans, reminding them they have to work hard for a living – a key attribute to Singapore’s success today. This threat in context is of good intentions, however as seen in the past decade under PM Lee Hsien Loong’s leadership, such hard striving attribute of Singaporeans have been exploited by the PAP to shore up profits of privatized national assets and monopolies.


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