Best performing Opposition MP: Lina Chiam

Despite having voted out by Potong Pasir residents, NCMP Lina Chiam is by far the best Opposition MP to have represented Singaporeans in Parliament. The wife of the Opposition longest serving MP, Chiam See Tong, was initially stoned upon when she stood for candidancy in Potong Pasir. Unkind remarks like “clueless auntie” and “novice politician” were hurled from both the PAP and some of the Opposition supporters. Today, 2 years after the election, she is leading the battle against the 79 PAP yes-men who are getting indefensible from her well-crafted astuity. Here are some of the excerpts of her best speeches in Parliament:

1) On Income Tax:
“The rich are getting richer; the middle income and poor are getting poorer. We should rethink income tax policy for the highest earners, for the top 5 percent. It should be compulsory for foreign earners in Singapore to pay for capital gains tax.”

2) On the CPF:
“The CPF scheme takes up a sizeable portion of the income of people with lower income, forcing them to consume less in the short term…The Government should not retain a person’s CPF money in the inheritor’s CPF Account in the first place. It should be paid out in cash to the recipients and nominees.”

3) On foreign worker quota:
“Remove levies. Levies only increase the cost of doing business, and this cost is passed on to the end consumer. Instead we shoudl rely on the minimum dependency ratios to control the foreign work population”

4) On Ministerial Salaries:
“If the Government;s decision is still to match Ministerial pay to the top earners in the private sector, then their accountability measures and KPIs must also match the vigour of the private sector.”

5) On the former Johor Minister campaigning in Singapore:
“Why is the former Johor Menteri Besar was allowed to conduct election campaigning activities on 2 May, in the midst of the Malaysian general election?”

6) On the Ministry of National Development’s findings over AIM:
“The Town Council Act is not well drafted… The Act must be better revised to address public concerns over conflict of interest issue, including political interests and criteria for the award for tenders ”
“How can the Review Report said that there is no conflict of interest in the AIM transaction, simply because “no one made money?””

7) On the Population White Paper:
“We are also deeply disappointed at the white paper which, as one public policy academic pointed out, did not even contain a References section to show what research the writers of the paper had done, or the methodology employed.[1] In fact, the only citations we found in this white paper prepared by the National Population and Talent Division, were 7 of their own papers and briefs. Talk about cyclical reasoning.”

Comparing Lina Chiam to Potong Pasir’s Seetoh Yih Pin, what have PAP voters in Potong Pasir done? True to the fact that the estate got their long awaited upgradings, but they have lost the Singaporean integrity and almost lost a good voice for the people in Parliament.




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