UGL Premas and CPG Corporation

Facts about UGL Premas, the Managing Agent of Jurong Town Council:

UGL1) General Manager of Jurong Town Council = Managing Director of the Managing Agent of the Jurong Town Council = PAP branch secretary of Bukit Batok East

2) Notable quote by a Jurong Resident’s complain[Source]: Mr. Ho Thian Poh is the Managing Director of UGL Premas, so obviously the increased costs resulting from the works would be beneficial to his company. And since he also happens to be the General Manager of the Jurong Town Council, it must also mean that he had approved of such an illogical and costly renovation plan.

The whole scheme just stinks of bureaucratic corruption.


Facts about CPG Corporation:
1) Won the contract for facilities management for all 22 libraries nationwide under the National Library Board in 2013, won the contract for facilities management for schools in South and East zones under the Ministry of Education, also manages the Istana(Source)

2) Managing Director Khew Sin Khoon won the Public Administration Bronze Award in 1988. CEO Pang Toh Kang was an Electrical Engineer with the Public Works Department(Source)

3) CPG also won the contract to Gardens by the Bay, the new Supreme Court Building and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

4) CPG is the former Singapore’s Public Works Group, a Statutory Board. Somehow, it became under Temasek Holdings and CPG was incorporated in 1999 before being renamed as CPG Corporation in 2002.

5) Other government projects CPG won: Revenue House, Istana, Malay Heritage Centre, Family and Juvenile Court, Ministry of Home Affairs Building, Ministry of Information(MICA) Building and etc.  (Source)


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