Fall of Malaysia’s ruling party signifies doom and gloom for PAP

The Singapore’s PAP government may not say it directly but its mainstream media has been covering news of Malaysia’s ruling party, the Barisan Nasional(BN), positively. Like the PAP, the Barisan Nasional is one of the longest ruling parties in the world with a record of 56 years. In a pre-election post, Singapore’s state media ChannelNewsAsia claimed that the ruling BN Prime Minister, Najib Razak, “has the advantages of incumbency, solid personal-approval ratings and his own pedigree” to win Malaysians over [Source].

“Najib has seemed destined for Malaysia’s political summit”
~Singapore’s state media, ChannelNewsAsia

It is no surprise if the PAP government is supportive of a re-election of the BN because the success of a newly-elected government for Malaysia will dispose the usual similar fear-mongering propaganda used by both ruling parties that any Opposition Party is up to no good. The disposal of the ruling party in Malaysia will motivate Singaporeans likewise to vote for a change of government in Singapore, especially so when anti-PAP sentiments are running high.

LHL says sorryThe PAP government had its worst electoral performance in history in the 2011 General Election winning just 60%, and suffering crushing defeats in the 2 recent by-elections in Hougang and Punggol-East Single Member Constituency(SMC). Despite having forced to personally apologize on the day before Election, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong continued to turnaround the falling standards and rising prices of public transport and public housing(HDB). Over the past 2 years, there have also been a spike in the number of police arrests and threats of lawsuits against writers[Source], Opposition members[Source] and even a comic satirist[Source]. Like the Malaysia, the use of police, the Internal Security Act(ISA)[Source], defamation suits[Source] and the Sedition law to get their critics to apologize or face jail time is frequently seen here in Singapore.

Adding on to the bitterness, the overcrowding issue in Singapore has worsened with the PAP government introducing a White Paper targeting a 6.9 million population for Singapore. Singaporeans reacted with a fierce backlash by staging two hugely popular protests – the first of its kind since the police state officially declared Hong Lim Park as the only legal ground for protests and demonstrations. The PAP’s response is to appease Singaporeans by organizing a series of public relations sessions called “Singapore Conversation”. The mainstream media worked harder in churning propaganda and as a result their independence ranking tanked 14 positions to 149th in the world [Source], alongside similar despot countries like Russia and Iraq.

Tonight will be the defining moment for Malaysians, and their vote will be a guide for Singaporeans in the coming 2016 General Election. The installation of a true Democracy in Asia has always been met with dirty political antics by their respective ruling parties with tweaks to the original “one-man-one-vote” system. In Singapore, there have been a rapid issuance of new citizenship, a “cooling off day” was introduced for the first time in GE2011 and the Group Representation Constituency(GRC) system that granted the PAP government a 80.8% seat in Parliament when they have only won 60.14% of the votes cast.


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