Putien restaurant chain new citizen owner helping his own kind

Shin Min - 26 Jul 2012 - 莆田设长远目标China born turned Singaporean Citizen owner of Putien restaurant chain encouraged the Chefs that he hired from China to bring their wives. Currently there are 30 couples working there, and the CEO hopes to send them for classes to upgrade them, the objective is to allow them to obtain PR status as their children back in China are growing up so that the family can be united.

My question is, cant Singaporeans be trained in the same roles? The wives are serving as waitresses while the husbands work in the kitchen, is that so difficult? What then is Putien’s ratio of Singaporeans to Foreigners? Despite the fact the CEO has obtained Singaporean citizenship, why is his allegiance still with his mainland countrymen? Did he even understand the pledge he took to become a citizen?

By Anonymous



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