1996 Transport White Paper planned 5.3 million population for year 2020

Everyday overcrowdingBack in 1996 then, the Transport White Paper then projected daily ridership to peak in 2020 at 4.6 million. But today in 2013, we have hit 6.3 million[Source] – some 7 years ahead of schedule, or in other words, we have reached the 1996-planned population figure for 2020 7 years earlier. According to the old batch of PAP leaders, a 5.3 million population is supposed to be a figure attainable in 2020 if we equate planning parameters to the population size.

Go through the 1996 White Paper and you will notice their emphasis on ensuring a smooth uninterrupted flow of traffic to cut down unproductive man hours of the economy. We will also notice that the 1996 PAP leadership placed much emphasis on wage growth of workers in the transport sector with target real wage growth of 5% to 7%, which would translate to about $2500 monthly basic salary for bus drivers with the former 5 day work week format.

“Costs of time wasted in traffic jams: $45 million a year in 1995”
-Page 10, White Paper – A World Class Transportation System [Source]

How much do you think will the latest series of train breakdowns costs?




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