Boycott Pinoys-first businesses: Jollibee Singapore

Jollibee Singapore's Facebook Page welcomes PinoysUnlike other multi-national fastfood restaurants like Macdonalds and KFC which hire mainly Singaporeans and even the disabled and elderly, Jollibee Singapore [Source] intends to hire their fellow pinoys to fill up jobs in their latest Singapore venture. The Filipinio fastfood chain will be opened in Q1 this year but locations remained unknown.

Singaporeans are encouraged to boycott Jollibee Singapore to send a message that foreign businesses which hire foreigners first are not welcome in Singapore, and, businesses which targeted the Singaporean market share and profit off Singaporeans should prioritize job opportunities for Singaporeans first.

Unfortunately, this exploitation is only possible in Singapore because of a weak and incompetent government behind the foreigners’ back. The PAP government has announced that it plans to increase Singapore’s population to 6 million by 2020, it is no surprise why they are now welcoming any unskilled foreigners simply to make up the number. Over the past decade, the PAP government has bent forward pandering to businesses’ appetite for cheap foreign labor. This has in turned resulted in a depression of salaries especially for the bottom 20% income earners who see their salaries stagnated over the past 13 years despite charting record GDP that the Prime Minister is so proud of. Foreign professionals, managers and engineers have also taken up jobs of Singaporeans who are seeing more retrenchment in the guise of restructuring, and salary growth below inflation rate.

The influx of foreign labor have resulted only in more sufferings and incapacitation  of physical and social infrastructures. It has been reported that the number of molest cases in public transport have spiked largely due to the overcrowding situation in Singapore. The PAP government however remains unfazed to such mortally worries and have set their eyes for higher GDP with a kickoff presentation by the name of a biased White Paper that claimed to have gone through numerous consultations through some Public Relations activities called National Conversation.

In the meantime, some vocal minority Singaporeans have called for a protest against the PAP’s force-feeding of a 6.9 million population this coming Saturday at Hong Lim Park. The Parliament has passed the White Paper proposal through a landslide vote in favor of 77 to 13.


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