70 year old granny has no money to recover son’s corpse

Report by  Xinming

Her son is a hardworking hawker who works round the clock earning about $80 a day to feed his mother and a younger brother suffering from mental illness. Mr Koh Shi Ping, 45 years old, was also a filial son who scrimped and sacrificed so much for his family that he did not even visit a doctor when he was sick, and remained single because he couldn’t afford to have a girlfriend.

Mr Koh’s hard knock life eventually ended last Wednesday when he died from a fall while he is on medical leave at home. Mr Koh was sent to the hospital and he died shortly a day after. When the hospital called Mr Koh’s mother to collect the corpse, the 70 year old granny was devastated by her son’s death but she wasn’t able to go the hospital as she had no money to take the public transport.

It is not known what will happen to the Koh family after the sole breadwinner is gone. The family resides in Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Blk 244 in Ang Mo Kio GRC, under the Prime Minister’s watch.

The PAP government often boast that Singapore is a first world country but  the elderly and disabled are treated without integrity and often left to fend for their own as the PAP does not believe in welfare. The PAP believes that welfare like a pension system, a universal healthcare system and a Minimum Wage will bankrupt Singapore’s economy and a disincentive to people putting hard work. Under the guise of Meritocracy, businesses and the rich gets low tax rate while the poor and unemployed are taxed through the GST system. Life in Singapore have also become harder for middle class families who are now putting off marriage and family planning due to Singapore’s high cost of living. The PAP government apparently does not believe Singaporeans have a problem with inflation because cash handouts in the form of Workfare and GST vouchers were given to the people.


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