No worries about 3 corner fights in Punggol East By-election

cheeThe Singapore Democratic Party has shot themselves in the foot this time, with an unorthodox idea lambasted by both Opposition and PAP supporters. In a calculated move which publicized 3 letters [Source] to the Workers’ Party, Dr Chee Soon Juan proposed that the SDP will send in a candidate under the Workers’ Party flag and if the SDP/WP collaboration win the PAP, the SDP will take up issues in Parliament while the Workers’ Party will be in-charge of the Town Council. The Workers’ Party has since rejected them in a short one liner saying “its focus continues to be fulfilling its promise to offer a choice to voters in Punggol East”. In many postings on Facebook, many netizens however do not subscribe to the SDP logic, and instead they see that the SDP is incapable to manage a Town Council.

Now that Dr Chee has committed political hara kiri and the SDP’s reputation has taken another beating before the campaigning started, the Workers’ Party do not have to worry about having a multi-corner fight. The SDP has always relied on the internet to influence voters and garner support for their policies, which are largely censored by the mainstream media. Unfortunately this time, they have lost the battles in both the mainstream and online media with their reputation tanking further with allegations calling their secretary general a “PAP spy” as he was earlier cleared of bankruptcy on the mercy of former Prime Ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong who allowed Dr Chee annul his bankruptcy with just $30,000 [Source]. Bad publicity is already plaguing SDP and the PAP-controlled mainstream media hasn’t even strike yet.

Here is a history of Dr Chee’s political life:

Recruited by SDP Sec Gen Chiam See Tong
Contested in Marine Parade GRC during GE’92 – Result SDP 24% vs PAP 73%

1993 “Ousting of Chiam See Tong”: 
Staged 5 day hunger strike to protest his sacking fm NUS by his boss PAP MP Dr Vasoo.
Consumed glucose during hunger strike.
Dr Vasoo and 2 other members of staff at NUS sued CSJ for alleging his sacking is politically motivated, Dr Chee was then ordered to pay damages by Court
Ousting of Chiam See Tong: Potong Pasir MP Chiam See Tong criticizes Dr Chee’s hunger strike
Chiam See Tong condemns CSJ public comments condemning the PAP politics for his sacking 
Chiam See Tong wanted to censure CSJ for his comments about Vasoo & PAP, but SDP Central Executive Committee backed Dr Chee 
Chiam See Tong criticized the SDP CEC for their misplaced loyalty & wisdom
Dr Chee and sister attempted to expel CST which could cause Chiam See Tong to lose his Potong Pasir seat in Parliament
Chiam See Tong won court order to prevent Dr Chee & his sister from doing so on procedural grounds 
Chiam See Tong remained an SDP member & MP till Parliament was dissolved for GE1997.
Chiam See Tong left SDP to create the Singapore People’s Party after Parliament dissolved before GE’97

Dr Chee wrote a letter to ST to condemn PAP. 
PAP’s 2nd Org Secretary, Marine Parade GRC MP Matthias Yao wrote to Straits Times to reply to Dr Chee’s allegation. 
The letters exchange between CSJ & Mathhias continued for 2 more months in Straits Times
Dr Chee challenged Yao to stand against him in a SMC at next GE. 
Yao took up CST’s challenge.
Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong agreed to separate Yao’s MacPherson SMC fm MParade GRC to facilitate e challenge.

SDP’s 1st GE under Dr Chee in 1997 proved to be a major setback.
SDP failed to win any seats in Parliament. 
SDP 2MPs; LHW & CCC failed re-election bid. 
Dr Chee lost the high-profile contest in MacPherson SMC to Yao by a huge margin 34% vs 66%.
Former Sect-Gen of SDP, Chiam See Tong was re-elected as the MP for PP under the Singapore People’s Party ticket.

GE2001 CSJ moved to Jurong GRC after rejection in MParade & Macpherson and heckled PM Goh Chok Tong with loudhailer from across the street in a hawker centre alleging Goh Chok Tong gave $18bil loan to Indonesia’s PM Suharto.
Dr Chee again, lost badly to PAP by even worst margin 20% to 80%, the lowest an opposition party team has ever attained in a GRC. 
SDP lost all electoral deposits in other wards they contested.

Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong sued CSJ for his allegation that Spore gave Suharto $18bil.
Dr Chee lost the suit and was ordered to pay $500k to LKY & GCT & was bankrupted in ’06 when he couldn’t.

Dr Chee fined S$3k for making a public speech at Singapore’s Speakers’ Corner without registering w SPF.
Dr Chee charged for trespassing & for attempting to hold rally in front of Istana without a police permit, he was then sentenced to 5 weeks in jail.

Attorney General filed contempt of court charges against Dr Chee for refusing to answer the court’s questions and scandalizing the Singapore judiciary during the bankruptcy petition hearing; sentenced to 1 day jail & fined S$6k.
Refused to pay fine; Jailed for an additional 7 days.
Dr Chee alleged PM Lee Hsien Loong & Lee Kuan Yew tried to cover up NKF scandal in SDP’s party newspaper; CSJ was again charged by LKY & LHL & lost, again.

LKY & GCT accepted CSJ’s $30k offer to settle the 2002 $500k suit.
Raised $30k in 2 weeks by selling books in Raffles.
Chased outta Raffles Place Shopping Ctr.

SDP to contest Punggol East BE.
Claim SDP is the only party with capable candidates.
Offered WP Punggol East TC Chairmanship if WP help SDP
45 members of the Singapore Democratic Party have also resigned en masse today at noon citing no confidence in the party leadership after its insistence on promoting a 3 corner fight with the Workers Party.

In the meantime, the PAP candidate has given himself names like “Son of Punggol”, “HDB hearlander” and “Teochew Kia” barely a week after his first appearance in mainstream media. Unlike before, the PAP had a hard time finding a candidate for Punggol East and it was revealed that Dr Koh Poh Koon’s PAP membership was only approved just barely a month ago [Link]. Technically, Punggol East is not a part of Punggol because the area is officially Rivervale and is rightfully Sengkang East. It is unknown why the “son of Punggol” called himself such title as Dr Koh was only in Punggol until 3 years old until he moved to Toa Payoh and elsewhere. As of now, Dr Koh do not live in Punggol, and it is unknown if the self-proclaimed “HDB heartlander” lives in a HDB flat or if he can even speak Teochew.

Dr Koh Poon Koh is currently holding the following positions [Source]:


Dr Koh Poh Koon
Director & Consultant Surgeon, Capstone Colorectal Surgery Centre
Adjunct Assistant Professor, DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore
Consultant Surgeon, Department of Colorectal Surgery, Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
Visiting Consultant, Department of General Surgery, Changi General Hospital
Acting Director, Colorectal Cancer Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory, SGH
Acting Director, Colorectal Cancer Genomic Health Service, SGH
Clinical Lecturer, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS)
Co-Supervisor (PhD Program), Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science, NUS
Adjunct Clinician Scientist, Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology (IBN), A*Star

The PAP candidate did not clarify if he will serve Punggol East full time or will he become like the other PAP MPs who hold multiple profiles.

Over at the Workers’ Party, Hougang MP Png Eng Huat has collected one set of nomination forms from the Election Office but the party remained tight-lipped over its choice of candidate. The Workers’ Party candidate for Punggol East in GE2011 was Lee Lilian, a trainer for a private institution.


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