Lui Tuck Yew gaffes

21 April 2011
Personal account by a resident in Lui Tuck Yew’s Moulmein-Kallang GRC [Source]
“I’m now going to recount the dialogue word-for-word as it is still clearly playing itself over and over in my head:
Me: Could you please tell me why I should vote for you?
Mr Lui: You should NOT vote for the Opposition because they …
Me: The Opposition? No, I want to know about you. Please tell me why I should vote for you.
Mr Lui: You should vote for the PAP because we ….
Me: The PAP? No, no. I’m not interested in the PAP or the Opposition. I’m interested to know about you. Why should I vote for you?

At this point, Mr Lui shot me a look of pure anger, waved his hand about in the air, declaring, “We could spend all night talking about me!”, pointed to the newsletter and snapped, “It’s all in the the newsletter!” He then swung round and stormed off.”

26 April 2011
Then-MICA Minister Lui Tuck Yew rejects Freedom of Information Act in an interview with Straits Times[Source].
“Asked by reporters to comment on the Workers’ Party’s proposal in it’s manifesto released last week, to introduce a Freedom of Information Act, Mr Lui said it is not necessary. This is because the Government already puts up a lot of information on its websites, said Mr Lui”

29 April 2011
Wild mushroom and tall trees story:

28 July 2011
Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew rejects liberalization of bus services to compete with SMRT and SBS.
“Mr Lui said such a move would only lead to “cherry-picking” of the profitable routes among transport operators and might not benefit commuters.

He said: “Then the challenge would be – what happens to the non-profitable routes? And in the end, would commuters end up having to pay more overall – because they may pay less on certain routes, but overall on the longer routes, the less profitable routes, do they have to pay … more?”

18 Jan 2012
Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew rejects concessions for poly students.
“Concessions for poly students will cost transport operators $28m more”

16 April 2012
Transport Minister proposed $1.1 Billion taxpayers’ monies for SBS and SMRT[Source].
“If the government did not inject more funds, the operators will have to increase bus fares by as much as fifteen cents to cover the operating costs.”

6 December 2012
Transport Minister proposed to increase fare price.
“Any fare adjustment will allow the two operators to have more resources, in time to come, to make further salary adjustments to their drivers. We recognise that the drivers need to be paid more. (The) question is, where is that money coming from?
“So we need to see the relationship between any fare adjustment, wage increase, and any other forms of government support that we might be required to give to the operators.”


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