Hongkong Union shames Singapore’s NTUC

Toothless tiger, puppet, shameless government mouthpiece, oppressive dictators. These are some of the names for Singapore’s only workers union, the NTUC, called by protestors led by the Hongkong Cofederation of Trade Unions(HKCTU). The Hongkong trade union staged a protest against the Singapore PAP government for jailing 5 SMRT drivers when they initiated a strike in the repressive regime which outlaws strikes that do not serve a 14 days’ notice. Like Myanmar, North Korea and China, workers unions in Singapore are banned and the PAP government only approves the NTUC as the only legal union in Singapore. The NTUC’s management is controlled by PAP members with its Secretary General, Lim Swee Say, being a Minister without portfolio in the Prime Minister’s office drawing more than a million dollars of taxpayers’ monies every year. Other PAP members holding NTUC management roles include MP Josephine Teo, Deputy Sect-Gen MP Heng Chee How, MP Seng Han Thong, MP Yeo Guat Kwang, MP Ang Hin Kee, MP Patrick Tay Teck Guan and MP Alex Yam Ziming. There is no question the NTUC is under PAP’s control, but the issue here is the apparent conflict of interest and that the union’s actions of supporting the government to work against workers’ interests is outright unconscionable.


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