Special foreign worker quota by MOM for SMRT only?

Foreign worker quota from Ministry of Manpower

According to PAP-controlled new media insing.com, the SMRT seems to have infringed the MOM foreign worker quota on the number of China foreign workers they can hire for the bus company.

“Out of the 2,000 or so bus drivers working with SMRT, about 450 are from China, another 450 or so are from Malaysia, and the rest are Singaporeans or permanent residents.”~insing.com [Source]

Based on the MOM foreign worker quota, SMRT can only hire 200 China foreign workers out of the some 2000 bus drivers they have. However the SMRT is hiring up to 450, or double that of the quota, foreign workers from China, which clearly contravenes the legislation.

Does the privately-owned public transport operator have special rights when it comes to hiring cheap foreign labor?


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