Latest Employment result: Record increase in number of elderly workers in Singapore

In the latest employment report by the Ministry of Manpower [Source], the number of elderly workers aged between 70 and over have doubled over the past 10 years under the PAP governance. In 2002, only 6.8% of those aged 70 and above were working but today in 2012, the figure has doubled to 13.1%. Other elderly workers in the 65 to 69 age band has also doubled from 19.6% to 38.6%.

It has become evident that a retirement in Singapore is becoming impossible despite the much-touted Central Provident Fund. Unlike other third world governments in the Europe and US, a higher GDP growth translate to a better standard of living and earlier retirement for their citizens. The esteemed first world PAP government can however achieve both record GDP and make the older citizens work into their death bed.

In 18 September this year, an 80 year old Singaporean dishwasher worked till her death in her workplace in Red Hill [Source]. It is equally appalling to have the country’s leader Lee Kuan Yew leading by example who is still working as a MP in his walkover ward. As welfare is a dirty word in the PAP’s eyes, elderly Singaporeans looking for a retirement in Singapore are hence daft and lazy and deserve to be replaced by another foreign talent from China.


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