Top 3 reasons why it is pointless to serve NS

1) Sacrifices for an unworthy government

National Service for the PAP Ministers is worth millions, while the soldier who died doing his real national service is just given barely a hundred thousand for funeral expenses and compensations. While you are out there risking your life for the country, the PAP government invites a yearly amount of 200,000 foreigners to become new citizens, permanent residents or employment pass holders to live, work and enjoy the security you are providing. Despite the lips service the PAP government gives to NS men from time to time, there have been hardly any tangible benefits to truly justify the sacrifices made during NS. Your SAFRA membership is chargeable and you also have to pay for your own insurance from private insurer Aviva during service. Surprisingly, the PAP government have the highest Defense Budget second that only to Israel, but they could afford to even pay the conscripts decent wages. This pretty much sums up how much the PAP government actually value or devalue NS men.

2) Sacrifices for an unworthy cause

The influx of foreigners have depressed salaries and taken away many jobs which could have otherwise went to NS men. Your local university places is reserved for foreign scholars, likewise for the numerous scholarships they are offering to only non-citizens [Source]. The PAP government doesn’t care if your public transport is overcrowded with foreigners, or if your public housing is overpriced propped up by rich foreign PRs, or if your healthcare is insufficiently covered by Medisave, or if you landed up collecting tin cans for a retirement. Not only are the conscripts left to fend for themselves in life, ex-regulars are also have a hard time finding employment when they left the army. You gave them your life, so what does the PAP give you?

3) Sacrifices for an unlikely event

When essential services like the hospitals and public transport relies heavily on cheap foreign labor, do we even need a war to paralyze Singapore’s economy? Time and again, the PAP always bring up the threat of war and how it will rob Singaporeans of their “liberty” and non-existent freedom in this authoritarian state. If there is any true invasion, it has already happened and we can see them in Shenton Way who have robbed Singaporeans of their jobs, spouses and salaries.

4) Sacrifices for the undeserved

Employers in Singapore do no appreciate NS Reservists. To these employers, reservist training is troublesome and unnecessary as they disrupt the company’s working operations. Many women in Singapore do not appreciate their other half either, but not without good reasons. What attraction does a bald conscript with a $500 paycheck actually beholds ? Foreigners in Singapore are similarly contemptuous about Singaporean NS men. The fact remains that there have been zero letter of appreciation written in public by foreigners thanking NS men, some PRs even have the audacity to ask for equal rights with you citizens [Source].

The PAP government knows that the NS story is no longer marketable in today’s times, but they insist on their old ways of propaganda [Source] and jail threats. Making life better for Singaporeans is at the bottom of their priorities now as they are more concerned about enriching themselves, evidently from the ministerial salaries they are getting today. The PAP have nothing for you except for the slew of nationalistic sayings they printed in advertisements. All they want is your complete loyalty and your assurance that they be kept in power for the next election. They want you to serve, but they don’t want to pay. So if you see National Service as a call of duty to defending your loved ones, you are better off standing against the PAP government whose national policies are already effecting negatively on them.


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