SMRT and PAP must be made responsible for SMRT strikes

Why the discrepancy in salary, SMRT?

Singapore must thank the China drivers on strike for opening up the can of worms behind Singapore’s success – a facade built on cheap foreign labor. While the mainstream media are faulting the workers for this “illegal” strike, the real culprits responsible for the fiasco have been too easily let off the hook. The salary dispute was not raised just a few days ago, it first appeared in May this year.Eventually the problem compounded and worsen into a strike, it was an outcome of months and even latently years of anger built up over SMRT’s exploitations. Clearly, if SMRT is claiming that there already are communications in place, the SMRT must have adopted the PAP’s habit of ignoring the noisy minority. If the workers on strike deserve a jail term, the SMRT should be fined no less than a million dollar for promoting inequality. Till today, the SMRT still did not address the salary discrepancy and what follow up actions to be taken to prevent such strikes from recurring in the future.

What tripartiam, PAP?

Singapore public transport drivers were well taken care of back when the company was still nationalized. So why do we privatize it? To plug Temasek Holdings’ losses in overseas investments of course, but also to adopt a dirct managerial role over the workers’ welfare. Today, the worst of privatization has happened: blatant exploitation. PAP must ultimately be responsible for allowing the private monopoly to exploit cheap foreign labor. And instead of helping the workers resolve their grievances, the NTUC unions are saying these foreign workers are not under their protection and they absolve themselves of any responsibility for the strike, and even gone to the extent of saying “it supports the actions of the Government”. Such useless, weak and spineless unions we have. These PAP-controlled puppets is the vey reason why the much touted tripartism is a failed concept.

NTUC must be abolished and no unionist must be affiliated with the ruling party. We should start with removing Lim Swee Say for a start.

Oh by the way the strike happened 3 days ago, where is Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew?


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