PAP Supporter Sear Hock Rong

Sear Hock Rong featured in PETIR, a PAP news magazine

Sear Hock Rong [Source]

PAP Membership Status: Grassroot Member of Aljunied GRC Eunos Division

Temasek Review in 2009:

“Mr Sear runs an education service company which was registered only in July this year. In the span of six months, his start-up managed to secure 24 clients including the following grassroots organizations: Eunos Citizens’ Consultative Committee, Eunos Zone ‘1′ Residents’ Committee, Eunos Zone ‘3′ Residents’ Committee and Eunos Zone ‘5′ Residents’ Committee.

According to information posted on Mr Sear’s company website, Mr Sear is the Chairman of Eunos Community Club Youth Executive Committee.

His business partner Mr Fong Yoong Keong is the Vice-Chairman of Eunos CC Youth Executive Committee and Assistant Secretary of Eunos Zone ‘3′ RC.

A 3in1kopitiam forumer “mrbell” started a discussion thread on the YPAP Facebook Network querying Mr Sear if there are any conflict of interest between his job and capacity as a grassroots leader in Eunos.

the Online Warrior?

Mr Sear did not answer the question directly and instead chose to take pot shots at the forumers for hiding behind the cloak of anonymity and label some of them belonging to the “YPAP Counterstrike squad” as “terrorists”.”

Sear Hock Rong blames suicide deaths to the Workers’ Party


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