PAP debates…among themselves

PAP debates

The PAP government is holding a debate for the first time in Singapore history, and they are opening up the debate to non-party members. However, after a phone call confirmation with the PAP Headquarter hotline, members of the public have to be “nominated”. Through the government mouthpiece ChannelNewsAsia, Minister Chan Chun Sing boasted that the internal debate will be held with non-party members for the first time. Some 1000 participants will be involved with about 300 of them being non-party members. The debates will not be publicized in full and there will be no independent moderators. Also, as PAP members easily outnumbered the hand-picked “non-party members”, there is no need to second guess the outcome and conclusion drawn with such heavily skewed conditions for the “debate”.

Like the National Conversation, this “debate” is yet another Public Relation exercise to convince moderate voters that the PAP has changed.


What do you think?

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