Rookie PAP Minister Lawrence Wong thinks Singapore is a Democracy

“Ultimately, I believe that’s how we can build a stronger and more vibrant democracy — one that’s based not just on the consent of the people, but on the active participation of its citizens.”~ PAP Millionaire Minister Lawrence Wong

Hold your horses, is Singapore even a Democracy in the first place? While the single-party state do conduct elections, the electoral rules leave a lot to be desired to even qualify being called a Democracy. Cooling off day? 10 days campaigning period? No engagement between candidates? Electoral boundaries re-drawn, with old and new towns absorbed and formed every election? Group Representation Constituencies? $16,000 electoral deposit? Which country could be less democratic with such electoral rules that gives 90% of the Parliamentary representation seats when only 60% of the popular votes is won?

Leave the very democratic electoral rules aside, how democratic does the PAP govern Singapore then?

Private workers’ unions banned? Strikes and peaceful demonstrations could render participants infinite detention without trial? Defamation suits and the threat of lawyers’ letters to bankrupt and shut up critics? Public transport operators charting in millions while the maintenance regime breaks down? Students in a supposedly liberal arts college like Yale warned they are never to be involved with political parties? A mandatory saving scheme which allows the PAP government to change laws of the Withdrawal Age, interest rate and Retirement Age as they fancy? Sovereign wealth fund companies not answerable to the people? A public relations movement by the name of National Conversation that “listens” to all kinds of feedbacks yet policies are still bulldozed out through an issuance of a PAP-knows-best “White Paper” or “Occasional Paper”?

Seriously, which democracy could be even less democratic than Singapore?

The rookie minister drawing a million dollars of taxpayers’¬†monies must either be trying too hard to fool the nation or is simply out of touch with reality. Shame on you Lawrence Wong, please go re-watch the entire 2012 US Presidential Election to know what a democracy is really about.


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