PAP Government spending revealed its priorities

The PAP Government expenditure has increased 49% from $23.4 Billion to $35 Billion in just 5 years from the period 2006 to 2011. The figure freshly released from the Singapore Statistics [Source], revealed that the most notable spending is the Ministry of Manpower rising 4 fold, most probably to manage the influx of foreign workers, and the Info-communications and Media Development department which includes the country’s censorship board, the Media Development Authority.


The average yearly increase for the PAP Government expenditure over the 5 year period is 8.4%. While inflation of resources could be a cause, the difference in the rate of growth for each spending varies too much and reflects the PAP Government’s priority in governing Singapore. The least spending were on Transport(0.6 fold) and Health(0.9 fold). The 2 departments are one of the worse managed especially with Transport. Ever since 2010, Singapore has been seeing a series of paralyzing train disruptions despite frequent raises of the public fare. Singapore’s healthcare expenditures is also one of the lowest in the world with many medical practitioners like former NMP Dr Kanwaljit Soin criticizing the PAP Government and its “much vaunted system” of 3M – Medisave, Medishield and Medifund – being seriously inadequate. It has become evident from the PAP spending, that Healthcare and Transport are at the bottom of their list, while foreign labor and censorship takes the lead in interest.


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