Malaysia is Singaporeans’ top migration destination

Below is a loose translation of an article by Astro AEC, a Malaysian newspaper:

A Singapore media research institution, Mindshare, recently conducted a survey involving over 2000 Singaporeans and found out that 56% of Singaporeans rated Malaysia as their top migration destination.

According to the survey, the key reasons for emigrating out of Singapore are:
1) Not wanting to spend a lifetime paying off housing mortgage – 75%
2) Ridiculously high property prices – 73%
3) Citizens have no priorities over employment – 73%
4) High medical costs – 72%
5) Too many foreigners stealing Singaporeans’ jobs – 68%
6) No retirement in Singapore – 65%
7) Ministerial millionaire salaries of PAP Government is too high – 62%

The main cause of concern are largely related to the high cost of living and over-competitive employment opportunities.

A local professor specializing in immigration matters said it is not surprising to hear that 56% of Singaporeans wanting to emigrate. She also said as emigration will require a person to accumulate a large amount of savings and being away from family members, lesser than 56% will actually emigrate.

According to a statistic by the World Bank, nearly 30,000 Singaporeans emigrated out of Singapore in 2010, and an approximate one-third, or 10,000 Singaporeans, chose Malaysia. Over the past one year up to June 2012, over 20,000 Singaporeans are residing overseas for at least half a year. This figure is 27% more than that of 2003.

The original transcript is as follow:

Astro AEC 新闻报报看






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